Fire Mage Mog Amusement

Klingar BfA

Having fun with learning how to play a Fire Mage and finally got him his class mount (specifically so I can have the magic saucer toy so my pets can fly with me). On the way, I found some nifty mog options. I want this guy to be a little over the top with his mogs.

Helm: Firehawk Hood
Shoulders: Netherworld’s March Amice
Back: not displayed
Chest: Saurifeather Garments
Shirt: Amber Filigreed Shirt
Wrists: Chronoboost Bracers
Hands: Heavy Linen Gloves
Waist: Nightvale Cord
Legs: Not visible due to robe
Boots: Elunarian Boots
Weapons: Felo’melorn and Heart of the Phoenix

View in WoWHead Dressing Room.


BfA preliminary thoughts

As I was getting into the hype, decided to generate my call to arms teams. Still figuring out who my primary alts will be, but pretty sure Allie warrior and hunter will be my go-tos when I need a break from my Druid.


Thinking my Hordie monk and paladin will be my go-tos when I need a break from my Shaman.


Rather enjoying the expansion so far. My girlfriend and I have been leveling together with War Mode on. I have to say that I enjoy the hell out of world PVP.

I’ve been trying something different. I’ve never quite gotten the hang of Balance Druid play style, so I’m giving it a go. Also, I’m loving the new mog available as questing in Tiragarde Sound, so I’m going with a radically different look on my druid. I almost think I should use this on a combat rogue or windwalker monk with 2 light sabers for the Jedi look.

Aes BfA

We haven’t had a whole lot of time to play, so we’re only at level 113 right now. Will probably be well into 114 when we finish up with Tiragarde Sound. With how little we’ve played and being at 113, we’ll still make it to 120 before the raid tier releases and have time to gear up too.

Dungeonwise, I’ve run Freehold (as DPS boomchicken) and Waycrest Manor (as Heals tree). Freehold is fun. It’s just a get in there and kill shit. Waycrest Manor is creepy as hell. I would love to have a group go through and explore every staircase. The dungeon feels like it’s convenient to get around in, but haven’t had a chance to really explore.

I’m liking the content and the story line so far. I also like the foothold quests into enemy territory.

Add to that, the launch was relatively painless. I’ll call the beginning of this expansion a solid win. Hoping it continues so.

Aes and Dei in Vale

8.0 aka Holy Shit, I missed so much.

Life upending, relocating, roommate drama, etc… well, I’m way behind in everything this ex-pack.

Still have 4 classes I need to do the class mount quests on.

  1. Horde Shammy is probably a few quests away from the mount.
  2. Horde monk needs to do a fair bit of artifact, class hall, and legionfall campaigns.
  3. Horde pally is level 107, so needs everything.
  4. Horde mage is level 103 and still needs everything.

I’m pretty confident I’ll get all done before BfA.

Mage tower challenges. There were only 2 skins I cared about. Guardian druid and to a very lesser extent feral druid. I tried for many hours, but couldn’t do guardian. I tried last ditch effort and burnt through all my nether shards. It still didn’t happen. So I’m resigning myself to no mage tower skins.

I did finish Balance of Power on Aes. So I’m happy to have at least that out of the way.

PVP changes in 8.0. REEEEEEEALLY looking forward to them. I can never settle on one PVP toon, so flip between Druid, Hunter, DH, Warrior, and Monk. Between all of these toons, I’m prestige 6+. On individual toons, one is prestige 3 – honor 30ish the rest are varying degrees of shy of prestige 2. Very pleased I’ll have the skins unlocked.

Aes and Dei in Vale
Aestalas and Deigratia in Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Mostly, looking forward to 8.X with my g/f. There will be many more pictures like these with me and my honey throughout the game.

Mounts, Toys, PVP, and Happiness

There’s a lot to say, so I’m just going to brain dump. I’ve been busy at work lately and recently been thwacked by the love mallet. So, blogging has been towards the back of my priorities.

Aes Prestige 2 Appearance
Aes’ Prestige 2 Resto appearance

I’ve gotten back into PVP in a big way, thanks to my girlfriend. I haven’t PVPed since the legendary cloak quest in MoP. She got me back into a BG and I remembered how much I enjoyed it.

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Antorus (11/11 N)

This will be a short post without a lot of content or personality in it. I’m just trying to keep the spirit of blogging active. Brain’s all over the place right now professionally, interpersonally, and WoWly (I’ve said before that I make up works, that doesn’t change just because it’s a short post with no content [… and I’ll still over use parenthetical expressions]). Coherency for writing is just at a point of “Oh, yeah. I said I’d get better about that. Oops!”

Holidays being here, means folks are out and about living real life and not in game as much (AS IT SHOULD BE). That said, raid teams tend to be thinned out a bit.

Saturday the two raid teams combined to do a 27 person Normal Antorus. In less than 3 hours, we cleared the entire raid. The exposure to the raid with the other team was great. Every team has a different feel and it’s good to see folks comparing notes on what has worked for the different raid compositions. The collaboration (and the comradery) of the guild still blows my mind. I’m used to guilds being friends or driven progression, never both. I’m looking forward to cussing at the heroic versions of the raid in the coming weeks.

Antorus the Burning Throne, 5 in/4 down

This week, Raid Team Mayhem stepped into Antorus (N) for the first time. Completed Garothi, Felpups, High Command, and Eonar.

Picture by Faebelina on Deviant Art

Garothi Worldbreaker: This one was a fairly painless boss for the team. The mechanics are pretty straight forward. Avoid bad, leave room for tanks to drop missiles, focus on primary target, profit.

Felhounds of Sargeras: Also no-muss, no-fuss kind of fight. Random amusement, these puppies play fetch with each other, stay out of the path of the cute game.

Antoran High Command: Suddenly, all bets are off. There are enough moving parts and mechanics in this fight to really jack your day up. I lost count on the wipes for this fight. One of the biggest issues is the fusillade. As ranged/healers, you MUST stay away from the shield generators as long as possible, otherwise you have blade storms sitting on the entire raid. You only see each boss twice. When you hit enrage, the general doesn’t go back into his pod. And you run out of shields. Ouch! We hit the enrage on the final pull, but had enough damage dealers and brezzes to pull off the last bit of health. Our pod person had enough time to set out a 7th shield for us to just squeak by for the kill. Sloppy as hell, but we’ll take it. Next time, we’ll clean it up a bit. I’m pretty sure we spent over 2 hours on this fight alone between the 2 nights.

Eonar the Life-Binder: This one had me the most concerned. It’s a complicated fight to describe. It’s a simple fight to win. The sub-zone is also beautiful. I want to move the druid class hall to here. The extra ability in the zone is fun too. As a druid, you can fly around in stag form with a passenger on your back. Eonar’s visage in front of the portal before you go in is beautiful too. Next time I’m in this part of the raid, I want to get some screen shots.

Portal Keeper Hasabel: This is is another fight that’s complicated to describe. We didn’t down her. However, I think we’ll take her down next attempt. The movement to the different platforms almost reminds me of the phase changes on Grommash in Siege of Orgrimmar.