Bifactional Representation

Alliance Horde Firework
Alliance Horde Firework

Bifactional representation.

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QR Information for the pattern…

Alliance Horde Pattern QR Code
Alliance Horde Pattern QR Code

Sometimes I feel pretty dumb

… a.k.a.  “How much time did I waste unnecessarily?”

Stupid is as stupid does
Stupid is as stupid does

There are some bits and pieces of the game that bring out the completionist in me. Legion brought out a few of them.  Allied-races, class halls, artifacts, class mounts, and… class hall armor sets.

All Class Hall Armor Sets
All Class Hall Armor Sets

Super secret method for getting the shoulders real quick…..

An Unstable and Corrupt game

Fourth of July weekend in the US-of-A, a 3-day weekend. I should have been enjoying the lull between expansions, and I was. It just was not in WoW. Instead, I was enjoying my time in Animal Crossings: New Horizons (ACNH). I just don’t have any desire to log in to WoW currently. Sure, if the wild hair crawls up the orifice, I can do some portion of my weekly chores:

  • My 2 Paladin kills of Baron Geddon in MC for a chance at the tier shoulders.
  • Orc DK run of Mythic HFC for the portals and chance at the mount
  • Nightelf Druid run of Mythic HM, BRF, and HFC for the mogs/portals/mount-chance
  • Nightfallen emissary for the 5 toons that are still grinding for the class hall shoulders

This reset, I did 2 of these things and added a tame of Loque’nahak on my gnome hunter along with an emissary that gave a minor gear upgrade to the Worgen DK. The rest of my time was spent playing ACNH. I saw that yesterday was the last day for the Kirin Tor emissary (meaning an easy 750 boost to Nightfallen rep) and I just didn’t want to bother. I see that today is the last day of the Nightfallen emissary (which usually nets me over 2K Nighfallen rep between the rep from the  emissary and the rep from the WQs themselves) and I’m not sure I want to bother with that either. Wherein I whine and moan my distaste for the current iteration of things…..

Visions and Transmogs and more. Oh my!

Horrific Visions:

Masked Quartet
Masked Quartet

Over the weekend, I was able to pull off a solo 4-mask Horrific Vision of Orgrimmar. I will say the Faceless Mask of the Long Night and Faceless Mask of the Daredevil are a horrible combination. Individually, those 2 masks are no big deal. Either of those 2 masks in conjunction with the remaining 3 are sweat-inducing, but still quite manageable. Those 2 together are far worse than any 3-mask or 4-mask combination that doesn’t pair them.

My run included the following masks:

This week, I plan on doing  a run with the Faceless Mask of the Daredevil on to get the last transmog item.

Wherein I blab about stuff for reasons (or for no reason at all)…..

Alt-friendliness of 8.3

This started out as a quick comment on WrathOfKublaKhan’s post The Shadowlands Prep and turned into a wall of text that I apparently wanted to get out. Since it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, I figured I’d use it as a post. So here goes.

Where in I eat my words
Where in I eat my words

Patch 8.3 is incredibly alt-friendly. There I said it.  I know I said before that I am only doing the cloak quest line on 1 toon per faction and that’s it. Well, I was wrong. I eat those words. I won’t even put any hot sauce on them to make them taste better. I was wrong. Gearing, leveling your necklace, and getting essences is as close to a cake walk as Blizzard will ever allow. I’m working on my 7th cloak.

Now that I’ve eaten my words, here’s the deets on gearing…..

Five zone Horrific Vision completed.

Timi Five Zone Clear
Timistaart’s Five Zone Clear

Woot! I did it. Completed all 5 zones and acquired my first mask. I have also earned enough mementos for Gift of the Titans. Now it’s time to earn those last 4 points on the other side of rank 2 and that last 3 points on the other side of the tier above Gift of the Titans. Then, I’ll be able to buy that sick backpack mog that I have been eyeing since Recruit-A-Friend introduced them to us.

I didn’t think much about the masks previously. I’d just kind of figured that once I hit tier 15 (if I hit tier 15) cloak that I’d be done with it all and not care about pushing it any further. Now, I’m seriously thinking about pushing for them.

Random blathering about mask acquisition…..

Horrific Vision Four Zone Clear

I’ve been fairly lax in running visions lately. Reasons, stuff, and real life… blah… blah… blah. I was running a vision to get my last 2 mid-zone items to bring my cloak to level 11 and my poor little kitty cat got his claw stuck in the curtains next to me (right as I’d pulled most of the dwarven district into a single pull). *sigh* Sadly, it took me 2 visions to get those last 2 pages of fear and flesh because of the distraction. Still, I got there.

Timistaart Four Zone Clear
Timistaart Four Zone Clear

Thoughts and musings on the horrors…..