*taps mic* Does this thing still work?

I’ve been logging into the game here and there, mostly on my main (still my druid Aes). I poke my head into guild chat from time to time. I look at how far behind I am with leveling my artifacts (resto and feral) and get a bit discouraged. I look at my primary professions and see that I’m gated behind group content to push those forward and get a bit discouraged.

Still, for a toon that’s only done most of EN (N) once, EN (LFR) a little over twice-ish, and ToV (LFR) once, I’ve been able to push him to an iLevel of 867. It pleases me. I’m also still a decent healer in LFR (granted saying you’re decent in LFR means you aren’t trying to intentionally wipe the raid, it still feels good to know I’m not completely rusty).

I was in the mood to play last night, but wasn’t sure what to do. So I decided to see what the deal was with the fishing artifact. I thought “Interesting! What the hell, I don’t have anything else going on this evening.” I’ve got the fishing artifact. I enjoyed that little quest line. The Bigger Fish to Fry achievement was a bit of a grind. I use the Legion Fishing Artifact, Underlight Angler (Patch 7.1) guide and found it pretty straightforward.

The big tricks from the guide:

  1. find a group for fishing up the Drowned Mana to purchase 30 Arcane Lures. I wound up having about 10 left over when I was done.
  2. find the fishing pools and fish in those with the Arcane Lures. Don’t fish in open waters.
  3. when you get the Message in a Beer Bottle, make sure you go out in the ocean and see “The Great Sea” in your mini map. Otherwise you’ll waste too many lures.

I’m looking at what it is going to take to level the artifact, and thinking that this will be gravy. Those nights I want to hang out in Mumble with the guild, but don’t want to do anything of substance, I can just fish for crap in pools and level my damn artifact.


I have no idea why the fishing artifact amuses me as much as it does. Possibly because it’s a murloc skeleton for a fishing pole. Yeah, that’s probably it. Fucking murlocs.

Feeling the itch…

…like a junkie coming down off that thrill…hardcore withdrawal symptoms.


My personal life never recovered from its up-ending. I don’t know if I’ll be putting the details of my personal life (or rather what was my personal life) up on this blog space. Suffice to say, things change.

My WoW friends have been there with me during it all. Even though I wasn’t logging in to the game. They were there to lend an ear, or just keep me company when I didn’t have anything to say, but didn’t want to be alone.

My thoughts are as choppy as this entry. Perhaps my eloquence will return in due time.

I will be sticking my toes back in the pool.

Legion is here…meh

It’s been quiet on my blog lately. It’s going to continue to be quiet here for a while.

Legion has landed and I’m underwhelmed. I’ve leveled my druid to 110. I’ve focused my artifact power towards my healing artifact. I’ve accumulated the other 3 artifacts.


The zones are pretty. The quest hubs (mostly) don’t have you going all over Hel’s creation to move on. The bonus objectives aren’t tedious. The leveling process is right on par with the leveling process from WoD.

However, I’m not enjoying it. I’m not thrilled with how the artifact locks you into a particular play style then penalizes you if you want to play something different. I’m not thrilled with how professions are gated behind quests. I’m salty that flight is going to be (more than likely) a year and a half out. The class hall campaign feels very slapped together (no real cohesion to anything other than “do  this…now, do this other thing…now pat your head and rub your belly…put your left hand in…pull your left hand out…do the garrison hokie pokie…”).

A large portion of my apathy for Legion is due to my personal life up-ending. So it’s very difficult to find enjoyment in a game for which I have a larger list of negatives than positives. I’m going to be taking a break. Or maybe this is where I decide that I need to just hang up my WoW hat. I don’t know right now.

Moose Carries…social media…and friends…

Hopped on to play a little bit on the gnome hunter, for shits and grins. After a couple of invasions, Fussypants (of Growing Up In Azeroth) messages me and asks if I’d be able to heal a Moose carry.


I didn’t have any pressing plans so I dove into the pool. It was smooth and painless. I even wound up with an belt upgrade in the process. After the fight, the raid leader asks if I could stick around for another run or two. Again, no pressing plans, so stuck around for a few moose runs (I think it was about 8 runs, I lost count).

It was fun. I found out that the raid leader (@malkarii_ on twitter) was streaming the carries on Twitch. I’m famous on the internet now. Woot!

In other news, due to things going on in real life, I’ve decided to jump back into social media. This means, @bodhirana on twitter is alive again. Perhaps this means I’ll be a little more vocal here too…maybe.

Defender of Azeroth: Legion Invasions

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been occupying a lot of my time in the pre-launch event with my demon hunter. I have been slowly knocking out the invasions on all of my toons. The guild has been regularly sending groups out to throw bodies against the waves of demons washing across Azeroth. It’s a fun bit of distraction while we wait for the 30th.

Before Legion’s launch, all of my toons will have the Stand Against the Legion achievement. My faction mains and demon hunter(s) will have Defender of Azeroth: Legion Invasions.

Since 7.0 has landed on us, I have not really been digging on my cloth wearers. As a result, I’m not farming invasions on them. They’ll all get their 2 initial invasions (and whatever upgrades that nets them) and that’s where they’ll stay until Legion hits us. I bought the Ensemble: Fel-Infused Cloth Armor so that I’d have all the xmogs without the need to farm on the clothies. RNGeesus is a twisted and sadistic bastard. The 2 clothies that I’ve taken through the invasions have been lucking out with double drops on the big loot chests. At this point, the only cloth item I haven’t collected is the helm. As long as my mage doesn’t get it, then my purchase of the ensemble wasn’t a waste of shards. Truth be told, I’m expecting RNGeesus (that cheeky bastard) to be pointing and laughing at me after my mage opens the first small loot chest.

All of the leather mogs have been acquired. Of the mail items, I’m only missing the helm and boots. Of the plate, it’s helm and gloves. I’m still farming those on toons though, so they’ll be acquired in short order. As of this point, I’ve acquired all the items mentioned by Bubbles of Mischief to be picked up during the Broken Shores scenario.

Only 2 weeks away. I’m still trying to maintain a low level of hype. Though, I’m looking forward to launch landing on us.

Having fun with the new hotness…

I have decided to drink the Kool-Aid. I rolled up Zewell (my first demon hunter) and enjoyed the hell out of it. The starting zone was a lot of fun. Fairly straight forward and nowhere near the time sink of the DK or Panda starting zones.

They’ve taken the nifty-ness of turning into a demon away from warlocks and given it to the demon hunter. They’ve taken the mobility of the monk and said “Pffft! You think that that was mobility? Check this out… *points at double jump, glide, fel rush, and the ability combine any/all of them all into amazing feats of acrobatics in the battle field*” They’ve taken the sexiness of elves and merged them with bad-ass-ness of the Draenai devil horns to come up with an amazing model (both male and female…and both Alliance and Horde). Melee dps is not my typically preferred play style, but this is very engaging and amusing. This class is such a change in fighting paradigm, that I’ve even changed my rules for armor transmog. Since this class is all about demonic power and mobility, I wanted the armor to appear to be non-inhibiting. As per my normal, I pulled items from almost every expansion with this set (only missed MoP). Demon Hunter xmog goodness and an odd bit of WTF!?>>>>>

2 hours fishing!?!? In a video game!?!?!?

I think the title says it all. Last night, after Team Sadomasochist finished up the achievements for Glory of the Draenor Hero, I wasn’t quite ready for bed. I still had some whiskey left to drink, and I’d heard of the garrison fishing raids being a good way to fish up the Riding Turtle and Nat’s Lucky Coins. I gave it a shot.

I’d previously fished up enough lunkers from around HFC’s moat to purchase the Crimson Water Strider. In the 2 hours (give or take a bit) I fished up the Riding Turtle and enough of the coins to buy Nat’s Drinking Hat  and the Draenic Fishing Pole.

I’m planning on using this as a time filler. When I don’t really have anything pressing to do, but can’t actually devote enough attention to the game to do anything of substance, I’ll pick up enough coins to purchase the Sea Calf and the Land Shark (not to be confused with the Left Shark). I’ve occasionally seen both pets on the AH for a decent amount. If I can pick up some extras to sell on the AH by mindlessly clicking on a computer next to me, more power to my wallet.