Addon programming…

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… I thought it would be fun to RP a worgen DK (Note, I said RP…not ERP…I’m not kink-shaming, just clarifying).

In A little RP distraction…, I penned a backstory for the DK. Part of his character (though not stated in that post) was his shame at his furry fate. He would always revert back to his less-fuzzy form as soon as humanly possible. With that said, I wanted an addon that would automatically change him back to human form. It seems as if that addon had existed, but Blizzard killed it because they didn’t want addons automatically casting spells. I understand why, but come on. There should be 2 classifications of spells (Combat and Fluff). Obviously, secure the crap out of the combat spells. Fluff spells, well, they shouldn’t be as restricted for automation.

Worgen Human Form Reminder

Regardless, the current state of affairs is that there is no addon. I gave it a little thought and decided that I’d write one. I like programming and this would be a neat way of dipping my toes in the pool of Lua programming. First thought, “What the hell do I write? No automation, but what about pseudo automation? A clickable icon that lets you know you’re out of form and should revert. Perfect!”

Geeking out programmer style…..


And there was much rejoicing…

much rejoicing

I knew my honey would ding flying right away on logging in and hitting up Mechagon for a quest or two, so we started there. Hers was a guarantee. After we finished up the zone, we hopped over Nazjatar to see if I could finish up the Unshackled reputation. We were in luck that there were plenty of rares up at the time. We finished up the zone and I dinged flight with a couple quest turn-ins to spare.
We can fly, we can fly, we can flyyyyyyyy…..

“Glorious”? Return

My honey and I couldn’t play with War Mode off. It just felt wrong this expansion. However, the grind for flight without flight was simply too painful with the faction imbalance. We decided we’d further contribute to the imbalance by abandoning our Alliance mains for our Horde mains until either we got flight unlocked or some sort of balance was restored.

Here’s our flight grinding team, my elemental shaman and her beast master hunter.


Brain vomit abides…..

Sharding?!?! More like Sharting!

Sad Panda is sad about the sharding.

Ouch!  We were in Nazjatar for 5 hours and just barely got the 4 WQs finished.

There was some serious faction imbalance in our shard. No matter where we went, we couldn’t get away from swarms of the other faction and we could hardly find any of our own faction.

After a couple hundred gold in repairs and several hours of getting ganked, we hit the forums and see a LOT of the same, on both factions. I don’t believe this is an Allie or Hordie only situation. It looks like it’s a problem with how Blizzard’s sharding routines are handling the faction balance. As Taliesin would quip “It was a shit show.”

Until this sharding problem is resolved, I’m turning off War Mode for the first time this expansion. It makes me very sad. I love WPVP. I understand ganking. I’m okay with it. It’s part of the PVP experience. However, this is unplayable. No matter where we went, all red player name plates and very few green player name plates.

The cute abides

Loh and Surya Snake Charmers

We find love and happiness in the simplest of places. In the desert for instance, when we’re polymorphed into ginormous reptiles, while making a heart shape with our heads and necks. Here we are on our Hordie mains (Lohattal the Tauren Shaman and Surya the Pandaren Hunter).

Renewable energy sources… more important than ever now.

N’zoth breaking into our universe via the burning of fossil fuels.

We now have evidence of N’zoth attacking our universe. WoW is a distraction meant to keep us from knowing the truth.

Get political. Piss off your elected officials by hounding them to support measures for renewable energy and getting rid of fossil fuel burning.

Our lives and our sanity are at risk.

Follow up to yesterday’s travel macro.

I decided to test the change to include Dash/Tiger’s Dash and it works. The /stopcasting had to go, but we already knew that. This works for Dash and for Tiger’s Dash, if you’ve specced into the talent. You don’t have to change the macro for Tiger’s Dash. Tiger’s Dash is a replacement for Dash. Using the replaced spell in a macro calls the replacement spell. In other words,  leave this macro exactly like this and don’t worry about editing it if you spec into or out of Tiger’s Dash.


Updated macro and explanation…..