Down for Maintenance, but for how long?

I’m trying to reconcile my feelings on WoW at the moment and I’m hard pressed to want to log in. I feel a little disconnected from all aspects of the game and the community.

Some of the disconnect centers around my anxiety and social awkwardness, some of it from the unnecessarily complex intermingling of systems within systems on top of other systems, some of it from the toxicity and “meh”-ness from fellow players, and now there’s the lawsuit mucking things up.

At this point, I log in every once in a while on my 2 faction mains and do their table and check in on my jewel crafter to see if the Cataclysm rare is up where I parked her (the out of the way one in Vashj’ir which few people ever look for because of how out of the way it is). I’m not farming my Chore-ghast. I’m not motivated to try the M+ climb. I might log in sometime this week on the mains and get the 3 renown and next chapter of Korthia done. Then again, I might not. The apathy with WoW is strong at the moment.

How I am currently spending my gaming time…..

9.1 Chains of Domination First Night

My honey and I consumed every quest we could find on our mains last night. We had a blast. I’m going to need to spend a ton of time in Korthia getting used to its layout. We still need to figure out how to get to the southern most part of the map too. The tie-in to the old Maw area was well done. We wound up killing so many rares and doing so many Maw dailies. Being able to mount in the Maw and not having the Eye ticking on you made this zone a great deal of fun. The new rares are so cool. The stage coach was just pure fun.

However, you want to know what the absolute best part of 9.1 is? The piece that simply puts it light-years ahead? Well I will tell you. Talk to the NPC right outside of the Barbershop in [SW/Org] and get you a proper set of glasses.

Aestalas looking epic in his specs
More 9.1 images…..


Just dinged 60 on a Venthyr Paladin. This brings me up to 11 toons at cap. As soon as the number 11 flittered through my head, I immediately though of Stranger Things. It’s rather fitting, as it is a strange thing that I’ve got 11 level-capped toons before an X.1 patch has been released. I’m enjoying the flexibility in leveling this expansion. I enjoy knowing that I can level a toon to cap and within a week or two of capping, I’ll have a new mog available. There are so many things to collect in this expansion and I’m having the time of my life doing it. I’m getting closer to realizing my BlizzCon 2019 predictions.

Current Covenant Roster…..

The Light at the end of the XMog tunnel.

My honey and I have been doing the super casual thing lately. We’re unable to commit to any set raid schedule, so we just do random whatevers to amuse ourselves. She’s delved into the world of FF XIV. It’s a lot of fun seeing her adventures and comparing them to the world of WoW. Also, I really hope Blizzard gets their head out of their asses about player housing. We occasionally run LFR on like-armored toons so we can share xmogs with each other or run Torghast for fun. We legitimately like Torghast.

On the LFR front, I’ve completed the Leather and Mail xmog sets. Now I only run those toons with her so I can increase her chances of getting the missing few pieces she needs, or if I have time and want the 1K+ Anima. Though, with the anima changes due to across-the-board sanctum upgrades, I might start running full LFRs on my mains again since it will be possible to get nearly 2K anima. The plate set is only missing the boots (which can drop in 2 wings, so I have kind of a “bonus roll” for those). The cloth set is still missing 4 pieces.

I’ve knocked out the remaining heritage armor sets recently. It’s astounding how quickly you can level your toons since the leveling revamp. Regardless of which expansion(s) I take my toons through to level, I make it a point to do the Legion opening quests (skipping the scenario portion) so that I can get the Dalaran hearthstone unlocked and access to the class hall. Then I do the WoD opening to establish a garrison so that I have another hearthstone option. Ports are amazingly useful. Also, I always do the cooking and fishing daily quests in the classic faction cities, Northrend Dalaran, and the garrison because they are a great source of about half a level in total. I think most of my allied race toons have close to a dozen levels earned this way because I didn’t feel like playing them some days, but still did the cooking/fishing dailies so that I could say I did something on them.

Soooooo many alts…..

Who wears it better?

During the course of running the HFC(N) on cloth toons for specific xmog items, I wound up getting the Archimonde transmog set (the Demon Prince’s Ascendant Crown, Mantle of the Eredar Lord, and the Demonbuckle Sash of Argus). So, of course I decided to have someone sport the Archie set. Raz, my flamboyant gnome rogue, would normally be the one to wear mostly naked xmogs. However, this is a cloth set, so I thought either Klingar (a mage who was created to be an homage to Klinger from M.A.S.H) or Trixxi (a goblin warlock). I added in the Grungy Containment Pack because more fel-green is cool here. So I have to ask, which one looks better in their Archie cosplay?

Scantily clad toons abide here…..

Class Mashup

In some random WoW group on whatever social media platform, there was a trolling post asking what was the best build for an arcane druid. Of course this was met with a number of troll responses like resto-rogue and arms-mage.

However, I thought it was interesting describing various specs of classes as if they were different classes. This really only works on hybrid classes, but it was still fun. Here was my response on what class specs were mashed up to make the various specs of druids. Enjoy!

  • Arcane – boomchicken is a leather wearing arcane/fire mage
  • Assassination – fitekat is a bleed-build rogue
  • Protection – burr is a face-shield warrior
  • Holy – broccoli is a priest on ‘shrooms

Short post made to make you either giggle or groan. It’s both funny and eye-roll-worthy.

Ummm… you aren’t aware of how we do things around here, are you?

I don’t know why, but I imagine the covenants to be much like social cliques in schools or clubs. Tight nit groups that dress alike, act alike, and superficially judge others. In order to join their ranks, you need to dress like them, talk like them, walk and dance like them, and try to toss out any of your own quirkiness that makes you unique.

mug shots of covenant renegades…..

Bad Shit made worse

It would appear that I missed a very important piece of information in one of the patch notes.

October 14, 2020

Items and Rewards

* Black Empire head, shoulder, and chest tokens will no longer create Azerite-empowered armor for characters that have not obtained the Heart of Azeroth.

The only thing worse than the bullshit borrowed power Azerite system is getting Azerite gear with no traits. When you ding 50, DO NOT USE THE BLACK EMPIRE TOKENS!!!!!! Benthic gear is fine. Go get your Heart of Azeroth and get your first essence. Then and only then should you consider using your Black Empire gear tokens. Fortunately, we’re so close to SL launch that I’m not going to bother farming for more tokens. Reward to Effort is too off balanced. Too much meh-ffort for 2 weeks of usability.

Heritage Armor

I have a strange love/hate relationship with the Heritage armor. To clarify, I love the ga-nome heritage armor. I hate that I cannot mog it on every engineer. It would look awesome on a dwarf engineer warrior. Perhaps somewhere down the road, it will be opened up to anyone who’s exalted with Gnomeregon.

For the core races, I’d only done the ga-nome heritage armor. For the allied races, I’d only done the Highmountain Tauren and Kul Tiran. I’ve been itching to get some more of sets, because they have some amazing designs. I decided I’d make it a point to get them all.

Within the past week, I’ve unlocked a few sets: Zandalari Troll, Tauren, Dwarf, Blood Elf, and Goblin.

This has caused a bit of a shake-up for one of my characters. Ever since Cataclysm, my Tauren Shaman has always been using the Headdress of the First Shaman as his helm transmog. ALWAYS! That changed this week with the changes to the barbershop and the addition of the Tauren heritage armor. He’s now using the Ancestral Chieftain’s Headdress and Ancestral Chieftain’s Totem (the head and back pieces of the heritage armor). I also added some body paint to match his transmog and added the feathers on his head at the barbershop. I’m pretty pleased with his set.

Wherein I blab a bit about leveling/rep-grinding and show off a sexy mog …..