What is Insanity?

I’d previously published this in another online blog. However, since it ties to the theme of this blog, it’s getting reposted here.

About a year ago, I got it in my head that I wanted to grind out the Insane in the Membrane achievement. Then I learned of the Avast Ye, Admiral! achievement and realized I could get both with the same grind.

If you are only going for the “Insane in the Membrane”, it’s possible to stay in the good graces of the little green turds while you build up your Bloodsail rep. You just have to remember to go kill non-Bloodsail pirates before your rep with the Steemwheedle Cartel drops too much. In order to get the “Avast Ye, Admiral!”, you have to get to the point where the little green fuckers try and kill you whenever you are near them. You will never truly understand how fucking pervasive the Steamwheedle Cartel is around Azeroth, until you are hated with all of them. Never step away from your computer when you are taking the flight points to neutral areas. You will likely come back to see your corpse being obliterated by a gang of walking boogers. Finding folks that want to grind out Bloodsail rep is a lot easier than one would think. The “Avast Ye, Admiral!” was a real piece of cake. Getting to Honored with the Bloodsail was slow, but wasn’t all that bad.

The Dark Moon Fair rep wasn’t difficult at all. Just make sure you ride the carousel for the rep boost and do all the dailies (for the entirety of the week, and every month). It was over before I knew it.

So it’s OFFICIAL: I’m NEVER going here again (at least not on my main).

Ravenholdt Manor

If you aren’t familiar with this mansion, it’s the Ravenholdt Mansion. Folks who have been playing rogues for a long time know this place all too well. For the Ravenholdt reputation, you have to turn in junk boxes (5 at a time) at this mansion. You get the boxes by picking pockets of mobs in Black Rock Spire. I HATE Black Rock Spire now. A really good run of picking pockets will give you 60 boxes. A bad run will give you 30. The average is mid-40s. You need about 2400 boxes. Even with macros to help ease the burden of picking pockets, it’s still the longest (and most tedious) grind I’ve seen in WoW. Though, I’ve gotten the full run down to only about 30 minutes. Also, a guild-mate gave me a hand with some of the boxes (just as I had done for him when he was doing the rep). Still, 30-ish minutes times roughly 50 runs equals way too much time in there. As I level new toons, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to boycott Blackrock Depths and Blackrock Spire (both upper and lower).

At this point, all I have to do is go around and kill non-Bloodsail pirates around Azeroth until my Steemwheedle rep is repaired. Thinking it will take several hours of continuous dedicated time, but will be a couple weeks in actual time. I hate running around camps and killing the same mobs over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over….blah! So, I will grind a bit then do something else, rinse, repeat. I’ve done some of the mob grind already and can usually find folks who are doing the same. So we team up and double-time the areas and chit-chat while we wait for respawns.

When the next expansion was announced, I’d given myself a deadline to get the Insane in the Membrane achievement (along with a handful of other reputation grind completions) before Warlords of Draenor is released. At this rate, it will happen with time to spare.

3 thoughts on “What is Insanity?

  1. I’m almost done with mine!!!! In the past expansions and this one I’ve accomplished now 64? exalted reps and I’m some Ravenholdt lockboxes away from my insanity achievement. Good job and I hope to join you soon!

    1. Congratulations! Out of curiosity, did you keep your Bloodsail rep or did you do the cloth turn ins to repair the goblin rep? I went the route of keeping the Bloodsail rep (I have delusions of eventually grouping with folks and taking that to exalted and apparently a desire to make it a longer and more painful grind).

      1. i actually got my blood sail to as far as i could off the arathi guys and then headed to BB and killed guards till half way through revered on my own.a guildy came to help me finish the grind and i’m currently exalted with both the goblin reps and the bloodsail with the help of the super quick spawn rate of the mobs in grizzly hills 🙂

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