So, I got to spend just shy of 3 weeks without the bike. I was comp’ed a rental, since it was warranty work. They covered the rental, but I had to cover the damage waiver costs (35/day). When I went in to pick up my bike, the paperwork wasn’t ready at the rental turn in counter. It annoyed me just a little. HOWEVER, because they kind of screwed up the paperwork, I was only in for 3 days of the damage waiver. So a rental where the total bill was over $1600, only cost me $100 and change. So, from a fiscally-bent-over standpoint, I was quite happy that I wasn’t bent over at all.

However, riding a bike that didn’t have the idling problems that mine had, has soured me about my bike a bit. I’ve done some research on the issue and it might not really be a big deal. I’ll try a couple fixes this weekend and see what shakes out. It’s entirely possible that I’ll need to get the programmable ignition module (and a Dyno Tuning) to correct the problem. Which, I’d be okay with. I just want the bike to run as smoothly as I know a Road King can run.

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