One of those nights…


How do these people even get into LFR? Oh right, Timeless Isle makes folks insta-SoO ready. Even if the folks can’t play their class beyond leveling.

While I do appreciate the ability to get my alts geared up quickly, I don’t take any of the toons I’m not proficient with into LFR. It’s just disrespectful and a waste of folks’ time.

Enter SoO wing 3 tonight…I was in there for over 2 hours. When I got into the group, they’d already failed to take the first boss down. So we had 1 fail stack buff in our favor. We wound up with 3 fail stacks before we took him down. The part that makes that so difficult, is that people were calling out the mechanics so people didn’t have remember. People were not doing their parts. Very annoying

When we got to the second of three bosses (half an hour later), again, plainly described directions on how to take the bosses down. Easy shyte! We wound up failing 7 times. Yes, we had the fail buff stacked to 7 (aka +35% against the bosses) before we could put them to rest.

The third boss was only 2 stacks. However, after the second wipe, we lost both of the tanks, half of the healers and a couple dpsers. A couple of them ran out of subscription time. The others were just pissed. There were a couple of folks that I wound up chatting with over the course of our time there. Cool people. We convinced the folks still there to stick it out for another 5 to 10 minutes. They begrudgingly agreed (only because us 3 healers were promising to stick around). Right about 9:30-ish into that 10 minutes, we tell folks “thanks for sticking around, sorry we couldn’t finish this tonight. we do appreciate the attempt.” Some folks were in the process of replying when “BAM!” ALL the replacements zone into the raid. We take the boss down (barely). We hit the enrage timer at less than 1% health on the boss. I take a moment to rez the closest dpser that had a clue, a warlocks pops his soul stone and I’m not sure if the last brez was from a DK or the other druid. At any rate, the warlock, a hunter, and a mage take him down the last tiny piece of a percent. The mage and hunter wound up face down again, but the lock was able to put the finishing hit on him for the win and mass-ressurrect folks.

Needless to say there was a lot of “WOOT!”ing and “How in the bloody fucking shit did we pull that off?” going on. It wasn’t a seamless win, not by a long shot. However, it was a win none-the-less. We took it and moved on (aka got the hell out of dodge).

Very shortly after that, I called it a night. Right after I shared the events of LFR with Gil and IL (our GM and her hubby). They just laughed at me for my bull-headedness. After that, I e-hugged them and bid them good night.


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