Knocking out the achievements/reputation…

This is stream of consciousness writing on my phone. I will offer no apologies for run-ons or rapid change of direction.

I finished my cloak grind on my second toon. It was awesome to see the whole questline on the other side of the faction divide. I do hope that they’ll do another legendary in WoD. I’ll make sure that I don’t drag my feet on one faction like I did this time around.

Recently knocked out the 60 reputations for “…the beloved” title. I just got my 61st rep from grinding out the Black Temple. Still grinding away on the Steamwheedle Cartel reputation for the Insane achievement and the Emporer Shaohao reputation too.

In between rep grinds, I am leveling pets for the achievements for leveling 75 pets to level 10 and 30 pets to level 25. A few of the pets I’ve taken to level 10 have actually been leveled to 15-ish, then caged up and handed over to guildies to help with their collection.

Also, on the side, I’ve been grinding out royal satchels for the officers of the guild. As a thank you, I got a Sky Golem from the other long term guildie.

It was an awesome weekend.

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