Here goes nothing…

So, I have figured out a couple of things regarding the horrific vibrations from the bike.

It’s definitely ignition related. When I got the bike with the better flowing air cleaner and the better flowing mufflers, there was the possibility that the map download wouldn’t be exactly right. I’d just gotten used to the way she’d been running since I never had a big-twin point of reference to know what was normal and what was not normal. After riding the rental for 3-ish weeks, I became very used to the smoother running engine. So when I got mine back, the fact that there were ignition issues became painfully obvious to me.

So, what does that mean? I have 2 options. One, take her back to stock (AIN’T HAPPENING!!!). Two, programmable ignition and a Dyno-Tune. I am a very lucky fool. The Missus works for Harley and we’ve gone out partying and drinking with the techs.  Also, when I have the day off, I tend to show up with lunch for everyone. So they take pretty good care of me.

This also means that I get to drive the missus’ bike tomorrow after I drop mine off at her shop. I have to say. Membership has it’s privileges. Her bike is a whole lot of fun.

Little Big Foot
Little Big Foot (the Missus’ bike)

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