One of these days…green fire will be mine…

So, I’ve been trying off and on for a couple months for the green fire quest on my warlock.

Tiravianna pre-green fire
Tiravianna pre-green fire

There she is, in all her punt-able glory (yes, I make football jokes about gnomes). I love the ridiculousness of gnomes. In fact, my male gnome rogue is a stripper/locksmith (I get lots of commentary from folks that catch sight of me in the trade district).

Anyways, I digress.

I was able to make it all the way to the final boss the first day I was working on this. The maze was annoying, but wasn’t all that hard. Even the Essence of Order wasn’t all that bad, 2 wipes on that one.

Kanrethad, however, is a BIYOTCH! I’ve looked at so many guides both pre 5.4 guides and 5.4 guides for the piece that makes things click. I’m missing some subtlety.

Imps stay alive for way too long. Fel Hunters stay alive for way too long. I’m good with the pet management, as at one point I was actually a decent off-tank in my guild with my hunter’s pet. I’ve only gotten to the doom lord once in all my tries.

I’m blowing too many CDs to survive the Imp stage. They just don’t die quick enough and I take a boat-load of damage.

The Fel Hunter stage isn’t a big deal from the Pit Lord stand point. The enslave is never being eaten. I’m just not killing them quickly enough.

I’m hell-bent on getting this before WoD hits.

  1. I want the FoS Achievement and the title that comes with getting the green fire before WoD hits.
  2. This expansion is the first expansion that I’ve actively tried to get things accomplished while they were relevant.
  3. I’ve really come to enjoy the Warlock class this xpack and I’d like to be able to say that I learned it well enough to earn the green fire when earning it was not a trivial accomplishment.


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