I tried…I gave it all I had…OH HEY SQUIRREL!

This entry was originally supposed to be a very focused, pointed thought train. Then it derailed. This is the result…

So I discovered yesterday that I had until 6.0 drops (not until the release of WoD Expansion, as I had originally thought) to get the green fire and be eligible for the title and the achievement. Which means my failed attempts last night were my last attempts for the Feat of Strength/Title.

I can still get the green fire. I WILL get the green fire. It just would have been cool to get the extras.

Oh well. Pre-Expansion lands today.

CLEAR ALL THE CLUTTER! I think I’m looking forward to the extra bag space more than anything else. Toys, reagents, quest items GONE from the clutter. Extra Void Storage for transmog scthufphz. I’m going to be swimming in extra space.

I’m actually looking forward to relearning how healing works on my druid and shaman.

Single application Lifeblooms on tanks? YES, PLEASE! I’m thinking Glyph of Blooming might be a viable idea. I’m not completely sure how the Tree of Life bonuses work now. I know the Regrowth is still insta-cast, but I don’t believe you get to pepper the group with lifeblooms (I believe it’s a reduced cost rejuvenation, or something like that). I might actually be considering Force of Nature for the first time as a healer.

Shaman and Disc priest look to be about the same (just fewer buttons cluttering things up). I’ll have to give them a go.

Monk is looking to be a big change. I used to revel in the fact that they closely emulated the disc priest play style. So now I think I have to change my understanding of them.

Holy priest and holy paladin, I never quite got the hang of them. Perhaps a new Expansion will mean a renewed chance at learning the style.

There’s a part of me that wants to start raid tanking this expansion. I really enjoyed getting my protection warrior leveled and tanking 5-man heroics. I also love DK tanking. So who knows. Perhaps I start druid tanking again this Expansion. Time will tell.

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