AA and HH

Hello. My name is [Aestalas / Lohattal / Hungmau / Lohathan / Jorsakari / Lohatral / Minaescule / Kaeldarsulan / Tiravianna / Baraskatur / Razloppesk / Rorran] and I am an altaholic.

Too many toons.  So much time /played. All for naught? Or not?

I’d long ago realized that one trip a week to Karazhan wouldn’t net many chances for the Fiery Warhorse’s Reins. So I made it a point to take every toon able to go through there for a chance. I finally got the mount. Now there’s a dozen or more dungeons/raids/holiday-bosses that I’m going to be cycling through.

Then comes the Halloween in-game world event. Guess what I’m doing every time I log in. Queuing up for the Headless Horseman. I’m fortunate that my guild has lots of altaholics. On each faction, I have at least 1 tank and at least 2 healers at max level. So I carry a couple of guildy dpsers for a quick queue. Then they carry my dpsers for a quick queue.

I am hoping all this extra attention to mount-sources nets some results sooner, rather than later.

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