It burns us….

I finally did it. I earned my green fire on my warlock, and got the title and achievement to prove it.

Tiravianna in a green Rain of Fire
Tiravianna in a green Rain of Fire
Achievement Unlocked! Wielder of the Fel Fires.
Achievement Unlocked! Wielder of the Fel Fires.

I lost track of how many total attempts I made on the final boss (Easily 3 or 4 dozen). However, I only needed one attempt last night.

Notes (in no particular order):

  • Set your camera angle above you and zoomed out so you can see all of the floor. This makes moving the Pit Lord a little less aggravating.
  • As soon as the boss comes out, set your focus on him. Sometimes, there is so much happening that you need to be able to easily target him and tabbing just won’t cut it. In fact, you could even create a macro that targets your focus for even quicker response. /target focus
  • One thing that I read on someone’s blog that I incorporated into my attempts was to keep the imp out until you have to enslave the Pit Lord. I macroed the sacrifice into my Enslave Demon macro.
  • Just before the beginning of the fight, I dropped a Rain of Fire to help with ember generation, used Dark Soul: Instability for extra damage, and called a Doomguard.
  • Nuke him with everything you have until the mechanics start.
  • As soon as you stun the boss on the cataclysm after the Imp phase and while your Chaos Bolt is casting, move your Pit Lord and drop a Rain of Fire right on the middle of the portal (as in your rain of fire is landing in front of, behind and from side-to-side of the portal). If you have a hard time with the Fel Hounds, skip the Chaos Bolt and worry about moving the Pit Lord and getting your Rain of Fire down. That’s more important than getting that extra Chaos Bolt off.
  • When you move your Pit Lord, make sure he’s behind the little nook on the other side of gate (rather than just on the other side of the gate). It gives you a little extra insurance that the Fel Hounds won’t eat your enslave.
  • Use Sacrificial Pact on the Imp and Doomguard phase.

I’m not going to rehash any of the mechanics, as there are a bazillion guides out there to tell you about them. So you are probably already familiar with them.

Here’s one of the videos that I found that was pretty good at describing the 6.0.2 version of this fight.

I did this as a Destruction Warlock. Since working on this achievement, I’ve come to really love the Destruction spec over Demonology. My gear was mix of celestial/ordos drops, burdened timeless gear, LFR gear, and the gear from the iron horde invasion (iLvl was 536 and did not include the 2 piece tier bonus). Right after I got the green fire, I ran Ordos and wing 3 of SoO and picked up a heroic warforged chest and a tier helm. I now have the 2 piece bonus.

This fight is all about mechanics. Lots of slow steady damage (if you don’t spaz out). The only spikes are things that are designed to wipe you. So I took talents for protection and healing.

Talents I used.
Talents I used.
  • Tier 1, Soul Leech gives you an absorb for casting Chaos Bolts and Incinerate, which you will be casting a bazillion of.
  • Tier 2, Mortal Coil has a fairly short cooldown with an 11% heal. The fear portion is of no import. Just every 45 seconds, you get 11% health.
  • Tier 3, some have gone with Soul Link saying it splits damage between you and the Pit Lord. However, I liked the BIG absorb on a short cool down.
  • Tier 4, there were 2 instances where I really needed to boogie into range of my teleport pad (I’d gotten so caught up in the fight that I forgot to start heading in that direction for the Chaos Bolt). So Burning Rush was well worth it.
  • Tier 5, Grimoire of Sacrifice is mandatory on this fight.
  • Tier 6, is really up to you. I went with Archimonde’s Darkness for some extra burst damage up front. However, there are good arguments for the other two.

There’s really only one glyph that I’d label as mandatory, the Glyph of Enslave Demon. My Major glyphs were Glyph of Ember Tap for a little extra healing in the sticky situations. Glyph of Internal Resolve to provide a passive 10% damage reduction. Glyph of Siphon Life which add ticks of healing from your Immolate spell’s damage. Any one of those could easily be replaced by Glyph of Healthstone for the extra heals. The other 2 minor glyphs are inconsequential.

Glyphs used.
Glyphs used.

Enslave – cast this once just before the Pit Lord comes out of the portal to sac your imp, then cast it again once the Pit Lord appears.
#showtooltip Enslave Demon
/use Grimoire of Sacrifice
/tar Pit Lord
/use Enslave Demon
/tar Kanrethad

Charge – there is nothing worse than realizing that you accidentally had your Pit Lord charge something other than the boss during Cataclysm. This macro prevents that.
#showtooltip Charge
/tar Kanrethad
/cast Charge

All-in-one-fixer-upper – This macro casts your Pit Lord’s Demonic Siphon to heal you. Casts your Singe Magic from your sac’ed Imp. Casts your Mortal Coil for the heal. Just keep whacking this macro to keep yourself alive.
#showtooltip command demon
/use Demonic Siphon
/use Command Demon
/use Mortal Coil

Cleanse – when your All-in-one-fixer-upper components are on cooldown, this causes the Pit Lord to cleanse you of debuffs.
#showtooltip Fel Flame Breath
/cast [@player] Fel Flame Breath

Imps – I created this macro to help with the dispatching of the Imps quicker
#showtooltip Fel Flame Breath
/tar Wild Imp
/cast Fel Flame Breath

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