Sea-legs = Saddle-butt

So the missus and I went on a cruise a couple weekends ago. This cruise to be exact.

This was both my first multi-day cruise and my first time leaving the 48 continental states. So I had absolutely no clue what to expect.

It was 5 days 4 nights to the Bahamas and back. We spent one day at the port of Nassau and one day on a private island. There were quite a few bands playing around the clock. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

That is until we started going stir-crazy from the confinement. By day 4, we were ready to be home. We’ve decided that we are going to look for 3 day cruises in the future.

Once we were on dry land, we learned what “sea-legs” are. We were actually quite concerned that it would affect our ability to ride our motorcycles. Typically, when your equilibrium is compromised, you’re advised to not get on a motorcycle. However, it didn’t phase us at all. Apparently, if your sea-legs aren’t touching the ground, the equilibrium goes back to normal. I’m not sure if that is normal for most people, or if we’re just freaks of nature. At any rate, I’m not complaining.


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