Ding 100…and MC LFR…and iLevel 640 helm…and Core Hound mount…and more iLevel fodder…and sometimes I just like using annoying titles.

Over the past weekend, I dinged my main to level 100 (being a little inebriated for the last half of 99 helped immensely).

I then did what I could to get my gear up. My Resto gear was iLevel 606 (Feral 605). At that point, I was tired and gave up for the evening.

While rare hunting for more gear to boost my iLevel, a guildie mentions the Gladiator vendor in Nagrand. Aroo? Yup, you can buy gear that is useless to you anywhere else but wargames and have it count as your iLevel requirements. “Well, hell…I’ve only got 2 or 3 hours tonight. Might as well spend it slogging through MC.”

So the reality is that I was 4 points shy of Heroic Dungeons and 9 points shy of LFR. Yet, I queued as a healer. Make no mistake, I’m a decent healer as a druid. I wouldn’t have done this on one of my healers that I’m less familiar with (they’ll actually wind up with the proper gear when I level them).

So in I go. The healer queue popped almost immediately. I was a happy camper about that.

I know what a troll-fest 25 person LFRs are. So I went into this expecting it to be that + 60%. I had a decent group (make no mistake, there were some griefers in there though).

I have experience with MC as “current” content. I’d gotten a group of guildies (and guildies’ friends) with level 60-ish toons together to run MC. So I was familiar with what a pain in the arse MC can be when it’s not trivial. So I had an idea of how things were going to feel in the run.

In spite of the run being a little buggy (perma-combat bug really pissed off the healers), it was smooth sailing. It took us about an hour and a half to finish it off. I enjoyed seeing the coordination amongst people who had a clue. I also appreciate the fact that Blizzard took into account that this was an LFR and scaled things back enough to handle a few idiots.

Bodly, You Sought the Power of Ragnaros
Bodly, You Sought the Power of Ragnaros

In the end, I got the achievement, the mount, and the helm. No pets dropped. However, there’s still time. Also, just after I plopped the helm on, my scribe got the last batch of war paints needed for the Shadowtome of the Harmonious. So now I’m officially Heroic Dungeon approved and only 2 points shy of being legitimately LFR approved.

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