Character cleanup.

A long time ago. Which server you were on mattered a LOT. Now, not so much.

At one point in the past I created a female human warrior. I wanted to see the play style. I got her to somewhere around 20 and decided that I wanted to try a ranged class for a while. Then I learned of the joys of having a bank toon in your own bank guild parked in town right next to the mailbox and auction house. Since she wasn’t very active, she was the best choice.

Fast forward a bit, I find out a friend is on another server and sitting in the 20-ish level range on the opposing faction and wants someone to quest with. This was shortly after character transfers and faction changes became a thing. So hell yeah! I’ll just move my toon. Um…no…I won’t…can’t move a guild master (not sure if this was before guild transfers were an option or if it was just before I found out guild transfers were an options).


*rolls up a new character to take over banking*

*enlist friend to help with adding new toon to guild*

*swap guild masters*

*server transfer/faction change*

I have fun with my friend. He loved squishy classes with lots of *pew* *pew*. I learned how to tank because of him. He’d never allow me to establish a solid hold on the mobs before he nuked them. I made it a mini game to convince them that they want to wail on me rather than him.

We wound up making a couple more horde toons on this server and the warrior went back to being a bank toon. That’s when I discovered the fun that is a Tauren Shaman. Eventually, he left WoW and my Hordies on that server were abandoned for a while.

Fast forward a bit. My Alliance guild needed another tank. So, I moved her back to where she started. My horde toons would all wind up jumping servers a couple of times too (another story for another time, maybe).

All this back and forth to finally say that since guild/server divides are all but irrelevant now, there was no reason for me to have a level one toon parked for banking and auction houses. Granted, you are allowed 50 toons per account, but a useless toon per server, when you are on a couple of servers, adds up quickly. Mina is back to being at the helm of my Allie bank guild. I moved one of my level 90 hordies to the head of that bank guild.

I’ve cut down to 21 toons by trimming away the unnecessary bankers. There is only one non-playable toon on my account now. He is the heirloom banker. Once Blizzard finally figures out how they want to handle moving the heirlooms to the toy box collection, that’ll be one less toon.

I don’t know why I’m so ecstatic about cleaning up the extraneous toons. However, I am.

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