Not an expansion for alt-a-holics

I was having a discussion with a couple of my guildies last night and we’ve all agreed. This WoW expansion is horrible for alt-a-holics.

Going back to WotLK, I made it a point to level up both Allies and Hordies to be able to provide crafting professions to all my toons.

Which means that I have WAAAA-AAAAAAAY too many max level toons. I ended MoP with 14 max level toons. This Xpack will likely see 16. That’s assuming I don’t get the urge to delete some duplicate classes (especially if they are Jewelcrafters). I digress.

There is no way to get around garrisons in WoD. I’ve accepted that. I do wish it was a server and faction based garrison (as in all your Allie toons on a server shared a garrison, and all your Horde toons shared a garrison). I find that if I have an hour to kill and decide to log into WoW. I don’t get anything fun accomplished. I simply do all my garrison chores. Granted, if I have an hour to kill in the morning before I have to head to work, I can knock the chores out and that gives me the evening to worry about missions only and try to do something fun.

I don’t like feeling pressured to do things in a game (aside from making the toon better or having fun).

So I’m devising a rotation/schedule for my toons. I don’t have all the details worked out yet, but it’s going to work something like this…

I’ll keep a rotation list of my alts for which toon will get the full chore list done when it’s rotation comes up.

So I’d log into the full-chore toon and do everything in its garrison.

Then, I’d log in to each alt and ONLY…

  1. check mail
  2. get garrison cache
  3. do missions

Then, I’d log in to the main and…

  1. do everything in its garrison
  2. do apexis daily
  3. find something amusing to do.

This way I don’t feel pressured to manage all my garrisons which is becoming a thorn in my side. If I decide that I want to work on leveling an alt a bit, I can do that too.

I’m also finding that everybody is swimming in leathers, furs, ores, herbs and fish. The AH is pretty bleak for those. The AH is also pretty bleak for crafted gear, since everybody can make their own gear now too. With a toon at level 100 and unlocking all blueprints, all you need to do is get your other toons to level 94 to unlock their level 2 blueprints and your profession alts can make you all the crafted gear you want in a VERY short time.

So, yeah. Having alts in this expansion SUCKS HUGE LEPROUS DONKEY DONG.

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