Hindsight is always 20/20…

So in my rush to try and get my own Hatespark the Tiny pet, I lost sight of something far more simple.

I rushed to get the warrior LFR ready. Spent about 30K in gold to get her over the gear hump for a 640 helm and a CHANCE at the damn pet.

I could have bought the pet for a fair bit less than 30K and saved myself somewhere between 16 to 20 hours of frustration (that’s adding up all the unnecessary MC runs that were merely pet-attempts). I could have completely ignored MC on her. Just slowly gathered gear from missions and dungeons. Then, I could have done normal LFR to easily replace gear to the point where I wound up with a helm, or replaced crafted items so I could get a crafted helm.


I can’t pick up a Hatespark for less than 60K now.

Though, I was very happy with her dps in MC. I was quite proud of her. She was leveled from 1 to 96 as Protection only. I can rage-tank decently. However, I knew I didn’t want to jump into tanking MC. No thank you. So I decided to figure out the Fury thing and finish the last 4 levels as a DPSer. It’s not bad at all. In fact, it’s a lot of fun. Once I got into MC, my AoE dps was usually in the top 6 (in a 40 person raid). My single target dps was meh (basically right in the middle of all the DPSers). Not bad for a freshly minted 100.

So, of my 12 level 90’s at the end of MoP, I’ve got 3 max level, 4 sitting between 92 and 96, and the remaining 5 still sitting at level 90. I think this expansion will see me taking more toons through the motions for the legendary. With how simple the 640 and the 680 ring is to obtain, I know I’ll at least get that far on all of them. I do know that I want to get my main on both factions moving briskly through the quest chain. Seeing how they killed off the cape quest, I am almost counting on them doing the same with the ring quest.

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