Now it’s time for a game of bad news/good news (yes that’s a bad Animaniacs pun)….

Bad news:
I’m fairly certain that anyone who plays WoW knows AOL shutdown the Joystiq website (aka home of WoW Insider).

Good news:
Alex Ziebart and the WoW Insider crew have started a new site, Blizzard Watch. They plan on expanding on the WOW Insider model to include other Blizzard games.

“Holy Tauren! That’s great! What’s the catch?”

Well, everyone needs to make an honest living. They can’t just dedicate their time to this and not be able to pay their mortgages or feed their families. So they have set up a subscription based donation system through Patreon to get the business going and keep it going. With the number of people that loved what WoW Insider brought to the table, I’d venture to say that we’ll band together and keep things going.

So this is me, prodding you. Go contribute!

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