False Advertising?

So looking at the header of this blog you see “Motorcyclist and WoW Geek.” People might think “Oh hey. A biker.”

As you browse the blog, it looks to be more along the lines of “WoW Geek and Motorcycle Whiner.”

Well, based off the content you see here, I can’t argue with that. There seems to be a HUGE gaping hole in motorcycle content on this blog.

For some background, I do not own a 4-wheeled vehicle. I both ride my bike and only my bike. If it’s raining and I have to go somewhere, I take the motorcycle. If it’s freezing outside and I have to go somewhere, I take the motorcycle. That’s all I own. I like it that way. It’s my bliss, my zen.

So why don’t I post more biker-related content? Well, quite honestly, you’d likely only get a lot of bitching about how fucked up the world is (with FaceBooking / Tweeting / Instagramming / Texting being a higher priority than paying attention to the road, I’m quite jaded about anyone that drives on 4-wheels).

Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I don’t believe that USofA’s schlong needs to be nuked. However, those days are few and far between. There are many times that I’ll hop on the bike to clear my head and lighten my soul. Even with the farq-wits on the road, I still get to experience the euphoria and release that comes with being a biker.

Why don’t I write about those, you ask? Well, I’m actually a very private person regarding many aspects of my life. My meditation is one of those aspects that I choose to keep private from the world. Current work situation + current “other commitments” = one very busy BodhiRana. As a result, I tend to use my non-commute rides for meditation to purge the encroaching darkness from my soul. So those experiences get locked away as private information.

I need to find a way to pass those experiences through a filter, so that I can share my biker life without letting anything out that I’d prefer to keep private.

Perhaps this entry is the stepping stone for making that happen. Or, perhaps this stream of consciousness will simply die here as so many other blogging ideas have. Time will tell.

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