Time to break out the to-do lists

It happened a lot sooner this ex-pack than in previous ex-packs. I’m restless. I’m not going to say that I’m bored, because I wouldn’t be logging in if that was the case.

I think it’s that my WoW buddy passed away that’s making it so difficult. I could usually count on him to be around when I was restless in WoW.

We’d log in on a pair of toons that we hadn’t touched in a while and relive some of the old lore that we’d missed previously, or that had been rewritten in Cata.

We’d roll up a new pair of toons to try out new classes/roles. The rule of thumb was I was tank or healer and he was dps. These nights, he’d try tanking and I’d try a dps role. We’d found that he enjoyed skull-blocking. So we kept the druid/priest combo. Though, I moved to disc spec, as I suck at shadow. We even ran a dungeon or two with this pair. Normally, he would only dps in pugs. So running as tank was a big step for him.

Another thing that has me restless is that I don’t have a pressing need to keep running LFR. Now that only jewelry, weapons and cloaks are spec specific, I dont need to keep running it for gear to keep my dps spec close in ilevel to my healer gear. I’m already there.

Perhaps this is just a mid-tier slump. Maybe BRF and 6.1 will shake things up enough to give me a little drive. Or, perhaps it’s time to dust off the PVP skills.

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