…and with that, my worries are no more.

So, I was the GM of AFO for about a week. I didn’t see the officers on much during that time, so I was flying without an advisor panel. In order to make this task something that would not be an administrative nightmare, I altered the guild structure and removed toons that hadn’t logged in in over a year.

Tonight, I logged in hoping to see people in attendance for guild night. What I logged into was a guild log of people having left the guild.

A while later, one of the officers reaches out to me to let me know that what I’m doing to the guild is wrong. I have a lot of thoughts about why that’s not the case. However, he says one thing that shuts me down. “You’re changing it, not preserving it.”

He was dead right. I was changing it. I have felt that the guild has been dying for a good long time. However, the folks in the guild have more right to the guild than I do. They out-number me by a sizable margin.

I make him the GM and bow out of the guild. I log into my other toons and take them out of the guild as well. No drawn out goodbyes, I simply walked away from the guild that hasn’t been right for me for a while.

Will I miss some of the folks in AFO? Yes. I daresay that I will miss them all. However, my time in AFO has reached its end.

I’m also contemplating taking a mental break from wow too. There should not be this much stress generated by a game.

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