A day late and a buck short…

Yesterday I told myself “I should write something to allow a person to see how close they are to flying in Draenor.”


Wowhead beat me to the punch. It’s quick and simple. In checking my main, I realized I barely scratched the surface of Talador and Spires of Arak.

Last night, I finished off the Spires of Arak. I enjoyed the Terokk story line. I have a renewed interest in visiting Skyreach again. I also wound up with 2 more followers as a result (one a treasure hunter).

I’ve done much of Talador on other toons, so I have an idea of what I’m in for there. I do hope the story line picks up, as I’m a bit underwhelmed with what I experienced on my alts through talador. Though, the quest lines are quick at level 100. So even if it doesn’t leave me with the same fuzzy feeling I got from Spires, I’ll at least know that I’m that much closer to flight.

Hell, with flight (and level 100 heirlooms for every class), I might actually feel compelled to finish off the rest of the alt army.

Then I’ll have to figure out when I want to schedule my toons to run their sole passes through the LFR gamut.

Heh…First world (of warcraft) problems.

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