Pre-6.2 checklist (that didn’t really exist, though it didn’t really not exist either)

I wound up getting a couple things accomplished over the past week. Some are things I wanted done prior to 6.2. Others are just things I wanted done at some point.

  • I got my Human Blood DK to level 100, got her Silver DPS PG (as Blood, which also netted the You’re Doing It Wrong achievement), and got her Silver Tank PG. I have to admit, Blood DKs are way OP. I did the Silver DPS on the first run.
  • Made the Gnomish X-Ray Specs on the Dwarf (which took me over the top for the Ton of Toys achievement).
  • Ground out my first body guard’s reputation for Wingman.
  • Finished the last quest for Don’t Call Me Junior, which awards the Harrison Jones follower.
  • The big one that I wanted to get accomplished before 6.2 hits, that I just finished last night, was the Sha’tari Defense  reputation grind at the Path of Glory in Talador.

Still to grind out, which won’t be a big deal, are:

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