Whiney little snots.

I found myself whining about the Master Plan add on being incompatible with the 6.2 patch.

I’m a developer by day. This should not surprise me. These things happen. However, people are complaining that a third party who’s doing things for free needs to hurry up and fix his stuff.

Ummm, the problem is with the Blizzard interface. Why aren’t we belly-aching at them?

People are strange, strange creatures. For sure.

2 thoughts on “Whiney little snots.

  1. Serdal

    It’s a useful addon, 1 of 2 i use, now you can skip animation just by pressing space bar, useful little feature until Master Plan is updated, and a question: does Master Plan developer have a way to donate for her/him? i would like to donate, saved me so much time.

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