Grind fest

I wasn’t feeling the urge to run Timeless Jungle last night. So I decided to max out my Council of Exarchs and Steamwheedle Preservation Society reputation, just to get it over with.

Sitting at 675-ish ilevel as feral. I was able to solo the winged demons in Socrethar’s Rise. Call to Arms was a big help on those fights.

Even the dual warriors weren’t a problem. Rake on first, rake on second, thrash for bleed, a couple of shreds on second on then drop a rip on him. Swap back to first and rake, shred a couple times, and rip. Swap back to second, finish off with couple combo builders. Then finish off first. Spread the bleeds across all the mobs.

It was mindless, just what I needed.

One thought on “Grind fest

  1. I did the same thing with the Saber-Thundercats yesterday. Shut off brain, turned on axe. Gotta do that kind of thing every once in a while just to reset the brain a little.

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