What’s in a main? What’s an alt-o-holic?

My Alliance druid (allie main) is now my goto toon for whatever and whenever. I just find myself liking the Feral/Resto combo that much. It gives me the right mix of rogue-like melee with the ability to raid-heal. Granted, that means my gear gets out of synch, as I’m not always good about making sure what loot spec I’m in. Still, I have an absolute blast on this toon, regardless of what I’m doing.

My Horde shaman (hordie main) used to be my goto toon. I think it was when I decided to go Elemental/Resto on the shaman that I didn’t connect with it the same way. I did that because of the Garrosh heirloom mace. I just wanted to not have to worry about the extra agility gear. So my loot spec was always resto and I just used that intel gear for elemental. At this point, I should really get some agi gear for the shaman and see if enhancement re-enamours me with the class again. Another part of my problem is that I know I’d queue up for LFR for legendary trinket doodads. Since I’m no longer raiding with a guild on any toon, I’ve accepted that I’m just an LFR healer. However, that doesn’t mean I want to slog through LFRs unnecessarily. So I’m waiting until my druid has his legendary ring. That way, the shaman can get the bonus drops from the bosses to minimize my time in there. So in the meantime, he’s simply gathering gold and knocking out his shipyard missions until I get the urge to dust him off.

That said, I’ve recently started to bring my alts into Tanaan.

Tanaan is really pet+follower friendly. My hunter and warlock love it. Tanking pet/demon + dps follower = Tanaan domination. Even in iLevel 620 gear, my hunter was an absolute beast.

My favorite alt to play in Tanaan, believe it or not, is my rogue. He wasn’t very well geared, and bringing a follower with him was a mistake. However, once I sent the follower back to the garrison, it was smooth sailing. Dingy Coins galore. I can usually get mobs down before I see too much health disappear, even when double- or triple-teamed. There have been a couple of instances where Smoke Bomb, Vanish, Distract, and Sprint have been a mainstay in my experiences in Tanaan.

I’m likely to bring out my tanks next. The warrior will likely have Leorajh for the few heals he throws and the DK is likely to have Tormok since DK self-heals are better than anything a follower could throw at him.

3 thoughts on “What’s in a main? What’s an alt-o-holic?

  1. I was using Leorajh with my DK for a minute because I liked the idea of having the mobile garrison table. But once I realized I didn’t need it, I put him back in the garrison salt mine. Who has been your favorite dps follower?

    1. Was looking back through my posts and noticed that when I replied to you, I’d only commented on the post and not directly replied to your question.

      At the time you asked the question my answer was “Tormok is pretty solid DPS for the Allie side. On the Hordie side, Vivian without question.”

      After having leveled more toons and experienced more headaches with them, I’m changing my answer to Tormmok for both sides.

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