Time for changes…

As I thought about the title for this article, this is what went through my head.

As a quick note on my xmogs. I don’t ever show cloaks. I don’t like the way they clash with weapons. Also, I don’t bother mogging any items that aren’t visible (e.g. leggings under robes, bracers with big gauntlets, or boots under robes for the toons with hooves or bare feet [tauren, draenai, trolls, worgen]). So the links to the xmogs are not complete, but are all that are necessary for a complete mog.

Lohattals's old xmog Lohattal's new xmog
Lohattal’s old xmog Lohattal’s new xmog

The shaman has been in need of a new look for a long time. However, I really loved the way the red pin-striping on the mail looked. That’s why he’s been stuck in a WotLK look since the transmog option was available. A while back, I’d found the kilt of the molten giants, or whatever it’s called, on the hunter. I built a great set for the hunter, but I always said that it would look better on a shaman. When this robe turned up from a salvage box, I decided that I needed to rework his look. I think he looks more shamanistic now.

Taldana's old xmog Taldana's new xmog
Taldana’s old xmog Taldana’s new xmog

As previously mentioned, I really loved the way the red pin-striping on the mail looked. The variation of the boots, shoulders, and engineering goggles makes this look better than the similar mog on the shaman. You’ll also notice that Taldana’s gone through a lot more than wardrobe changes.

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