It was a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Master Angler of Azeroth
Master Angler of Azeroth

I’ve been halfheartedly trying for some time to get the Master Angler of Azeroth achievement. I originally wanted it for my sense of completion-ism. I mean, come on, how tough can the fishing achievements be, any ways?

Oh, that hard. The whole Cross-Realm-Zones thing makes this a tough contest.

When the heirlooms got a major overhaul with 6.0, my focus became “I MUST have that ring for my leveling arsenal!”

So, as I said, I have been trying off-and-on to get first or second place. This past Sunday, I’d prepared. I set my hearth to the Booty Bay Inn. I set my key-binds to be extremely fishing friendly. Then I just relaxed. I didn’t try to jump anyone’s pools, I didn’t run away when folks jumped my pools. I just cast my line and fished up the results. On a whim, I tried one of the wreckage pools and discovered that you can get the fish you need from there. I got lots of fish from them and nobody jumped them. That’s the real secret, trying to milk each pool for as much as you can get from them. Being a druid, the instant flight form helped a bunch too. When I got to 37 of the fish and no winner had been announced, I started to get all frantic. The whole tunnel-vision, hands shaking with excitement. When I got #40 and double-checked that there were 2 stacks of 20, I hearthed. Apparently while the screen was reloading, the first place winner was called. I never saw the announcement. However, I got second place.

Which means I was able to get my Dread Pirate Ring. It has been upgraded and all of my leveling toons have one equipped. Now if I can get the damnable shipyard ring missions to show up on my toons, I’ll be a happy camper. There is a part of me that thinks it’d be cool to get the Boots of the Bay. While another teleport and another increase to fishing skill (yes, i have a fishing set in my equipment manager) would be nice, I’m not sure it’s enough of an allure to do it again. We’ll see. I’ll probably try during the pregame of the Superbowl, or sometime when I’m fairly certain the number people participating will be low-ish.

The last 2 things remaining for my fishing achievements are: Turtles All The Way Down and The One That Didn’t Get Away. After that, I’m done with fishing until Legion hits (well, done on my main anyways).

2 thoughts on “It was a lazy Sunday afternoon.

  1. Gevah

    For Turtles All the way down, garrison might give you the best chance, cave dweller drop the turtle, that’s how i got mine.

    1. That is very handy information. I frequently fish on my main toons to produce the Enormous for the alts to quick level their fishing. So suddenly that’s incentive to make sure I fish up enough for all my alts.


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