Let’s do the lemming march…

Hehe, my lemming march is loud and breezy. And very invigorating.

  • Doesn’t matter that I am heading to the slave pit. I’m on the scoot.
  • Doesn’t matter that I’m almost flattened by folks who allow their FuB/Twitter feed to be their copilot. I’m rocking the 2 wheeler.
  • Doesn’t matter that it might rain on the way to the office. I’m feeling the world first hand.

If you haven’t guessed, my commute is made infinitely better by riding, regardless of the destination, the asshats out to kill me, or the weather’s attempt to undermine my soul.

Today my trusty Sportster got an outting. She was as happy as our dogs are when we take them out for a walk.

There really is no point to this post, I’m just in a damned good mood. So I figured I’d post a “feel good for no good reason” post.

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