Tropical Storm party

Over the weekend, we were “hunkering down” for the coming apocalypse that was Tropical Storm Erika. There was a ton of rain over the weekend, so I spent most of my time playing on the computer.

The motorcycles were just chilling out in the garage, for the most part. There was a window of clear weather on Sunday that allowed me to mow the jungle that was my lawn. It even gave me a chance to hop on the bike (had to get more gas for the mower).

This weekly raid CD, I managed to finish the legendary ring on the Druid. Afterwards, I queued up for Archimonde to finish out the quest line. Whoa! To quote some horn-headed asshole, “we were not prepared.” Granted, a large chunk of the folks that run LFR have never (and will never) read a strategy guide. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an LFR group with more than 5 stacks of the fail-buff. There was a LOT of bickering. I started with this group at 2 stacks. By the time we’d made it to 8 stacks, we’d seen 6 different tanks cycle in and out of the group. After that wipe, we sat for about 15 minutes with no tanks, 2 heals, and 6 or 7 dpsers. At that point, I was tired and didn’t want to wait any longer. The next night, I landed in a fresh group. No fail-stacks. After 13 or 14 attempts (I lost count), we’d only cycled through 5 tanks before we took him down. I spent over 3 hours on that one platform, attempting one raid boss. He’s not doing that again in LFR. I’ll attempt a pre-made group on normal difficulty.

The shaman is my next toon that will take the trip through LFR for the Tomes of Chaos. I don’t have the patience for running more than one toon through the gamut of LFR, which is why I stagger them. I’m curious how many boss kills it will take him, since the druid has completed the ring. It’s been said that if you complete a section of the legendary, your other toons get an increased drop chance for the legendary doo-dads. I don’t know that I believe that though. Looking at the Druid (58 boss kills for BRF, 56 for HM) versus looking at the Shaman (60 for BRF, 46 for HM), it looks like there might have been a buff on the HM run. However, I’m dubious. After a couple runs on the Shaman, to the point that I don’t feel rusty with healing on him, I’ll try to pug a couple of normal runs on him. We’ll see.

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