*insert obligatory R. Kelly song title here*

Patch 6.2.2 finally landed on live servers.

I dare say there has been a bit of rejoicing.

The first thing I did when I logged in after the patch landed? Logged on to my level 35 rogue and quested for a bit. That’s right, I didn’t want to be anywhere near Tanaan. I wanted to spend some time in a quiet zone away from everyone. It was blissful.

Later on, I decided to get some oil reserves bumped up on a couple of toons. I was near the saberstalker area when Terrorfist spawned, and Zorammarsh when DeathTalon spawned. I was able to make both bosses due to flight. Just 1 day earlier, I wouldn’t have been able to make it halfway there before the boss was pushing up daisies.

I was amused that when I logged in to my main (last toon for the night) that I was already in flight form. Apparently, I’d logged out in my garrison in travel form last time. Every toon did the fly over the garrison wall to the shipyard. If this was available at the launch of 6.2, I probably would have spent more time with shipyards. With this, I might actually do the shipyards for the other toons. Yes, the mount up to go back and forth was that annoying to me.

Beyond that, I had a chance to tackle a couple of the new rares. I think my rogue is going to run circles around the un-instanced HFC. The mobs there (with the exception of the rare), are a cake walk for him and they respawn so quickly. So pick-pocket, clear the mobs, rinse, and repeat. I’m pretty sure the mobs will respawn before I’m even a quarter of the way around the perimeter.

I can also get back to doing my archeology on some toons as well as finally sitting down and fishing up my lunkers for the mount.

This post has no real direction. I’m basically just doing a stream of consciousness dump here. I’m happy that flight is here. I like the few additional amenities added. I also like the way the flight was gated. Though, I do wish the gate wasn’t built on the final patch of the x-pack. Perhaps they’ll make the transition a bit smoother in Legion.

Oh, look a squirrel… *scampers off*

3 thoughts on “*insert obligatory R. Kelly song title here*

  1. I’m definitely looking forward to finishing off those pristines from archaeology. I admit I haven’t done too much in Draenor yet. Mostly just killing those seven rares for their goodies.

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