Number 9

Revolution Number 9 by the Beatles is a recurring theme in conversations with my Pop. So much so that anytime the number 9 is mentioned around me, I immediately hear my dad’s voice doing his impression of the looping “number 9” from the Beatles’ song. It’s subtle things that make me grin from ear to ear.

At any rate, I got my number 9 to level 100 earlier this week. It was my Mist Weaver/Wind Walker monk. As soon as I was able to get a bodyguard, I took on Aeda Brightdawn as my pocket-tank and finished out as Mist Weaver. I was surprised at how easy fist weaving is. In the situations where Aeda pulled an entire zone (which was WAAAAAAAY too often), I’d switch to mist weaving and we’d both make it out intact. The only time she’d die is when I’d lag out in the middle of a big pull in Tanaan.

I think my Int/Agi monk might replace my Shaman as my Horde main. This x-pack, I haven’t felt as connected to the Shaman. I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t do the Healer/Agility-dps combo (having gone elemental for my dps spec), or because Shamans don’t feel at all like they used to. I am actually very disappointed that I’m not enjoying my Shaman anymore.

Back to the Monk, I had an assortment of BOA leather baleful tokens to send her, so I hit Tanaan Jungle with an iLevel of 635-or-so. After finishing off the starting quests, I was at 647. So close, but not good enough to queue up for HFC. So I gamed the system (note this isn’t cheating, it’s simply not being 100% forthright). I found an agility ring (a tank ring at that), that was significantly higher than one of the caster rings I was wearing. I didn’t equip it, because my 583 caster ring provided better stats for healing. However, it gave me an overall iLevel of 650. Queued up and landed in Bastion of Shadows. First boss down, and I get a caster ring. So I was legitimately at 651 at that point and no longer gaming the system. Even with a 647 iLevel, I was sitting in the middle of the healers for that fight (best healers were putting out 35K hps, worst were 9K and I was sitting right about 18K). After downing the first 4 wings, I’m sitting at an iLevel of 657. My healing was getting better too.  By the end of the 4 wings, I was comfortably pumping out 25K hps. All gear slots are 650 or better, except for bracers (640 crafted) and one ring (605 Nagrand treasure). Both of these items will be replaced before the weekend is over.

Over the past weekend, I also cleaned up my professions. I had one of every crafting profession on both my Alliance side and Horde side. That’s both overkill and a recipe for toon burn-out. I dropped a lot of professions and picked up gathering. At this point, I only have one of each crafting profession (except for Engineering [1 goblin/1 gnomish]). Since making this switch, I’m swimming in Felblights. I’ve got my hunter with goggles and a gun and my paladin that has goggles, bracers, sword and board that both need their gear upgraded to 6 of 6. I might even supplement some of my other toons that are having gear troubles with some fully upgraded crafted gear.

A fresh look at the game, through a spec that I haven’t touched since SoO, and I’m enjoying running content that was feeling VERY stale to me. I still have a disc priest (96) and arcane mage (94) to level up. Perhaps I’ll level one (or both) of those this weekend.

With 6.2.3 looking to be fairly enjoyable, I might keep more of my toons dusted off. We’ll see.

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