WoW addicts always have something to do…

I’m finishing the grind on my 11 max level toons (1 of each class, fairly evenly split across the faction line). Number 10 was my Discipline Priest. She’s already finished the Tanaan opening quests. So it’s simply a matter of dailies for her and grinding enough rep to get the Oil Rig.

I’ve found that doing oil follower missions and Oil Rig ship yard mission keeps you sufficiently lubed up to not have to do Tanaan quests on a toon very often. Every once in a while I will run a toon through the oil daily of Tanaan, if they get too low.

Next up will be the mage. I’m not looking forward to this one, as I am not very skilled in the ways of the mage. Unfortunately, it’s a Horde mage. So I’m unable to tack on Defender Illona as a tank BG. Aeda is just too squishy (and too stupid, in regards to pulling mobs) to be taken seriously as a tank.

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