Eleven Maxed Toons

I took a sick day off from work Wednesday (no, seriously, I was actually sick). I slept for the majority of the day. However, when I was awake, I did my 10 toons through the Headless Horseman and put my newly dinged disc priest through the entirety of HFC LFR. Then, I leveled my mage. So I have one of each class at max level now.

That means I am now running 11 toons through the Headless Horseman each day. I want that damned mount. There are also still a few toons at various levels around various servers as well. However, they aren’t relevant to anything, except when I’m bored and want a break from my main 11.

On the matter of Disc Priests, I do not like raid healing when there are other priests in the raid. The runs where I was the only priest, I was doing okay. However, in the runs with other priests, we were always screwing up each others “rotation.” If we had been in vent, or even the least bit organized, it wouldn’t have been so bad. We could have assigned groups to prevent us from banging our heads against the wall of being unable to bubble someone that was too recently bubbled. I won’t be running her through another raid this x-pack.

When that was done, I decided to try working on my mage. She was about halfway through level 94 (most of that was from XP follower mission quests, she never did much after setting up her outpost in Gorgrond).

Since she was eligible to head to Talador, I figured I’d head there, run the outpost setup quests and the Going to the Gordunni quest line to get the level 2 Barracks (and to have a bodyguard). Once I remembered Polymorph for CC, Ice Flows for moving casts, how much range a mage can cast from, and Invisibility for those “OH SHIT!” moments, questing without the bodyguard wasn’t bad at all. Fully enchanted heirlooms help a LOT too.

After I finished the quest line and built my level 2 barracks, I opted to use Tormmok instead of Aeda or Vivianne for a couple of reasons. My thoughts on the bodyguards is actually going to be another post, as it became far too rambling to be considered relevant to this entry’s continuity.

Tormmok and I then proceeded to storm the remainder of Draenor by using my heirloomed path to blitzing through the levels. She’s ready to begin her journey into Tanaan and then to HFC LFR.

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