Oh look at that…

Another way of phrasing the title is “It’s about F#@%ING time…”

When I first sit down to WoW, I am always cycling through all the toons. I do the follower mission table the ship yard mission table (during holiday events, I also queue for the holiday boss). So I have done a metric-crap-ton of ship yard missions. I’ve given away more Left Sharks than I can count and destroyed a couple of Riverbeast mounts that I cannot use and cannot AH or give away. A couple of toons got the BMAH quest object 2 or 3 times. However, I never once saw one of the heirloom rings on the map.

…until last night. Apparently getting my 11th ship yard mission table up was the catalyst (I know it’s RNG, but I like to make up conspiracy theories for fun).

Two toons got the strength ring mission and another got the agility ring. I’m quite happy about the str and agi rings being the first to pop. The three toons I play most often when I’m getting away from max level stuff are a dk, hunter, and rogue. So they are the best rings for me at the moment.

You’re probably thinking, “Congratulations! However, you’re a cynical SOB. Where’s the complaint?”

Here it is. The achievement credit for the rare missions are not account-wide (same with the Blingtron, and Tanaan rare kills). I could go on a tirade about these types of achievements being about the person behind the keyboard who is playing the game and not about the particular avatar they are hiding behind while navigating Azeroth. “Immersive content” is apparently supposed to mean you pick a toon, fly to a spawn point for a rare you need (even though you already killed it on the “wrong” toon), and then alt+tab out and watch youtube until your NPCScanner buzzes. That’s how Blizzard wants it’s player base experiencing their game?  That’s not much of a tirade, I’ll admit. I said I could go on a tirade, but I’m restraining.

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