What?!?!?! Really?!?!?! Steven Hawkings would be proud…

While Fishing and Archeology are not my favorite things to do on my alts, I still grind them up enough to be able to run them through the darkmoon faire. I figure, eventually with enough faires and garrison chores, they’ll passively max themselves out at some point.

I was on my RP Worgen DK in the faire, fishing for the daggermaws for the pet, when a debris pool spawned next to me. So I toss a line in it. First click nets me the Sea Turtle and Turtles All the Way Down. Just a few minutes later, I get the 250 Fish achievement and the folks that had just congratulated me were giving me a good-natured ribbing for my horrifically epic luck. When I told them that this was 12th max level toon, and that I’ve cast tens of thousands of lines out into pools trying for this, they begrudgingly said “okay, we’ll allow it.” RP players seem to have a little more personality in-game than other players. It was most amusing.

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