Of the Queue raiding: 2nd night with guild

I finally realm transferred my Druid main to Nesingwary. So Saturday night I had a chance to run HFC with “of the Queue” on him as an actual guild member.

After only 2 raid nights, I’m sitting with a 2-piece normal-tier bonus. I never expected that. I even wound up with a couple of off-spec loot upgrades between the 2 nights. I’m absolutely reeling with excitement. We smacked Archi around quite a few times too. The last pull we had him at 39%. We’re getting there. I can’t wait till we actually down him.

However, there’s some reality I need to address too. I need pull out the oil and grease, and work on de-rustifying myself. With the full group, my numbers were pretty bad. I know part of that is simply that I only heal folks that need it, rather than just pre-emptively spamming hots on folks (as the others are better geared than I am and have the mana to burn). When the group dwindled down, and it was just 3 healers for a group of 14-ish, my healing was a ton more effective. However, I am still rusty. It’s time to get back to heroic/timewalking/mythic dungeons. I would love to be able to be there when we finally tackle HFC on Heroic and I need to up my game if I want to be able to do that.

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