We did it again.

…of the Queue downed Archi (N) again.

We’ve got the mechanics down. We just tunnel vision a bit towards the end.

I checked out where Aes stands, gear-wise. Once he gets a head or glove token, he’ll have the 4-piece bonus. From THE current tier raid. Holy moley! Not only that, but at that point, he’ll effectively be BIS for normal level drops (exception being the trinkets). If I am fortunate enough to get a class trinket token on one the future runs, the other trinket is 2 away from BIS (which isn’t enough for me to worry about, especially since we’re going to be pushing heroic next).

I am still pretty ecstatic that I found a great group of folks to run with. I’m feeling a bit of nostalgia from the old days, from the old guild, when the great and glorious GM was still of this world. I’m thinking I can move a couple alts out of hiding from my bank guild and into the Queue. Perhaps I can shed a chunk of my anti-social disorder that still manifests itself in WoW.

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