I’m getting the feeling we have a clue…

Once again [of the Queue] downed Archie (N). This is the Guild’s 3rd time downing him. Every time we’ve downed him, we’ve been 27+ people. So we’re coordinating a bunch of folks and we’re following instructions. We only wiped once this time. It’s like we actually understand the mechanics and might know what we’re doing.

I was going over my setup and decided that I’d swap a few talents to help out with the fight. Soul of the Forest feels pretty useless to me in this fight, so I went with Tree of Life for another burst-ability cool down. I also opted for Displacer Beast (over Feline Swiftness) and suddenly, I’m taking almost no Fel-Fire damage during Alure of Flames. I’m toying with swapping a glyph or two, just to see how it feels.

I was bummed that Fussypants over at Growing up in Azeroth couldn’t be with us for the kill.

I’m beyond ecstatic that I’ve been there for all 3 wins. That’s 3 upgrades to my healing ring at this point. Three months ago, had you told me that I’d be part of a raiding guild, I’d have assumed that you were being snide and rubbing in the fact that my old guild died a horrible death (not that we were a raiding guild, we were sub-casual about casual raiding, but we still made attempts…not making it past The Butcher….but we still tried).

I’m actually going to move a couple of toons out of hiding and bring them into the guild. My Blood DK, Destro ‘Lock, and Mutilate Rogue will make a come back into society.

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