We’re on a mission from…

Yeah, that’s a Blues Brothers reference. However, I can’t finish the quote. My toons are on a mission from me. While I do control them, I’m not their god. However, they are on a mission from a higher power. Their puppet master.

So I got the Minion of Grumpus mount fairly early on in the Winter Veil event. Having 12 toons that can run it everyday helps a TON. Not that I’ve been on everyday over the holidays.

A bunch of guildies haven’t gotten their grumpus mount yet. So I’ve been running the dailies in an attempt to get them for my guildies. I was able to get the first of the guildie mounts over the weekend. It was gifted to the person that helped me find my new home in Azeroth after my former guild collapsed.

I’m hoping to snag a couple more before the event ends. I’d like to help out the guildies that don’t have anywhere close to 12 daily attempts for the mount.

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