Cupcakes and Acorns

So [of the Queue] has gotten to the point where there are too many people for one raid team. That’s a good problem to have in WoD. YAY! We’ve got a lot of folks that consistently show up for the main raid nights. So we’ve been split into two teams (Team Cookie and Team Pastry).

So, I’m a cupcake. Woot!

Last night, we downed Archimonde again and I was able to score a Seed of Creation. At this point, I’m rocking the 4-piece bonus and the class trinket.


Then, we stuck our toes in the Heroic pool. We downed both Hellfire Assault (H) and Iron Reaver (H). With a previous Kormrok (H) kill that I had done with a friend, I’m now 3/13 (H). Prior to the holidays, the guild had made it to either 4/13 or 5/13 (H). So we’re rapidly approaching being able to tackle Archi (H) for the moose. That’s the ultimate goal for the guild, to get as many people the moose as possible.

4 thoughts on “Cupcakes and Acorns

  1. Excellent. I’m very pleased to see doing so well.
    A huge raid team must be a challenge and thrill to organize. I am in Heroics now too, just barely and they are a gas — challenging and fun.

    1. Out of curiosity, how are you doing on the heroics? We’ve stuck our feet in the heroic pool a couple of times. We finally got past Gorefiend. We found that Iron Reaver is an absolute bear.

      1. One thing that helped us on Reaver. Split your raid in half (try to evenly distribute your dps and heals into both groups). Each group to his left and right (this helps with the folks that can’t quite move fast enough for barrage, by guaranteeing that only half of the group will be in the splash zone at most). When she takes to the air, half the group on the entrance side of the gas strips and the other half on the citadel side. This reduces the walk through damage that happens when too many folks are on the wrong side for the bombs. You’ll still get some of this as the bombs are dropped randomly, but it’s usually a bit on both sides. Best of luck!

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