Lucky bastard is lucky.

There are so many reasons I can consider myself a lucky bastard. This isn’t an exhaustive list. This is me just gushing a bit.

My wife is an amazing woman. She puts up with my dumb ass and my anti-social tendencies…and she still loves me.

I live in Florida, where it’s motorcycle weather EVERY FREAKING DAY OF THE YEAR. Even when it’s cold (by FL standards), you can ride. You might need a couple layers and some rain gear, but unless there’s a Tropical Storm/Hurricane/Tornado, there’s absolutely no reason not to ride.

My wife works for the dealership. So when I drop my bike off for service, I can ride her bike to work. At the end of the day, I drive back, pick up my bike, and we ride home side-by-side.

I’m a lucky bastard. I know it.


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