Cookies + Pastries = WINNING

So our first night of dual raid teams saw too many people missing for 2 viable teams. So the inaugural voyages of Teams Cookie and Pastry have been delayed.

So what were we doing, since we couldn’t run our 2 separate teams?


We merged the teams and headed into Heroic HFC (having already cleared Assualt and Reaver on Wednesday night).

Due to the merge, we were over capacity on healers. So I reluctantly offered to go Feral dps. I spent the entirety of the first fight in my healing gear. OOPS!  Granted, with the new gear system (and the fact that I had a class trinket), that meant only my jewelry, cloak, weapon, and 1 trinket were not right (just shy of half my gear). My dps was worse than hella-horri-bad (average the lowest tank’s dps with the highest healer’s dps, that’s where I was…yeah, it was that bad). Once I figured that out and swapped gear, things went much better. Still, I can tell that I set my kitty build for survivability when soloing/leveling and not for max dps in a raid environment. I will need to make some adjustments here, as I’m sure I’ll be going back and forth a bit as we continue on in the coming months. Perhaps I farm Valor to keep the dps ring close to my healer ring? Maybe.

We took out Kormrok, Council, Killrogg, Gorefiend and Socrethar. This puts [of the Queue] at 7/13 H. I’m fairly confident that neither Iskar nor Zakuun will be much of a problem for us. Velhari, Xhul, Manny, and Archie are a different story. They still give us a bit of grief on Normal mode. Though, we’re really close to having Manny down to a farm boss.

We’re getting there. I’m also having an absolute blast with folks again.

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