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Yesterday was another raid lockout reset. I was anxiously looking forward to it. I only needed one more aspect assaulted for Chromatic Champion to complete Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider. I’d already finished Holding Hands a while back, so it being removed from the meta made no difference to me. I understand why they removed it, because it was impossible to solo unless you had a pet/minion (following this logic though, they need to remove Only the Penitent… from Glory of the Firelands Raider too, but that’s a different discussion).

For the past several months, I’ve been looking at only 3 rares left to complete Jungle Stalker.

  • Relgor
  • Dorg the Bloody
  • Rendrak

I have simply lacked any motivation to camp those last 3.

Last night, I decided that I would knock out Dorg.

I had a couple hours to kill so I just mindlessly killed mobs. I was running the blood orb gauntlet leading up to Drivnul trying to get Dorg to spawn (as were many others).

An hour or so into it, a Terrorfist announcement popped. So I decided to try for a chance at the last mount I need from the Hellbane bosses. On the way to Terrorfist, NPCScan yelled at me that Relgor was up. For a second, I hesitated…chance at mount or knock out an entry from the list. Uh, DUH! So I slap myself for being stupid and help a couple folks kill him, and was still able to tag Terrorfist (still didn’t get the mount).

Having knocked a mob off of the list, I debated whether or not I really wanted to grind/camp Dorg. These types of achievements are not “immersive” content,  so it’s hard to hold your resolve. Nonetheless, I had decided I’d knock Dorg out, and that was what I was going to do. I had the time last night and there was no telling when that time chunk (or motivation) would appear again.

Another hour-ish passes. Then the Blood Moon spawns. “Oh! Yay! Something to do besides killing the orb casters.” It’s late at night (early in the morning, depending on your point of view). There are not that many people to drain the Blood Moon. It took an eternity and a half to drain the Blood Moon. When we were down to needing 8 or so blood shards, Dorg spawned. I called it out in General chat and taunted him down towards the Blood Moon platform so others could get the kill. He dies just as the Blood Moon drops out of the air.

I have never, on any of my toons, taken out all the rares in Zeth’Gol. I will never, on any of my toons, ever do that again. Every other Tanaan sub-zone can be cleared out in about an hour (in my experience). Zeth’Gol apparently takes 2 or more hours.

At this point, I figure there’s only one mob left on the list, so I might as well figure out what it takes to camp Rendrak. Quick search reveals that it is nothing more than simply killing 10 bats, and juicing all the musk glands from them. “Well then, might as well finish the achievement.”

After all this, I still had about 30 minutes to kill. I decided to see if a 699 iLvl kitty druid could solo a saberstalker or 2 (without a bodyguard’s extra dps). A couple of pulls wound up with 3 mobs. I can do it, but 3 sucks. After 30 minutes, I got sick of the grind. However, I did add another 200 claws to the count for I Came, I Clawed, I Conquered. If I solo it for only 30-ish minute bursts, I’ll have it within a month (without burning out). Bringing Delvar or Tormok, for the additional dps, will shorten that time further. Grinding out the claws necessary for the mounts and the pet won’t be too terrible.

4 thoughts on “Cheevo Spam

  1. It’s much more than camping, it’s a heart-breaker.
    My advice is be ready with everything you have. He has a cunning knock-back, if you are kicked off the platform, it is over. Put your back to the wall.
    I recommend your bodyguard at least. If you have the trinket with the mirror-blades, use that (he knocked back one the mirror blades, to my good fortune).
    I was not as geared as you but I brought it all: pots, buffs, drums of fury.
    Trust me, you’ll wear that title with pride!

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