Farming DS mounts just got easier.

With the exception of my disc priest and my mist weaver monk, DS (H) is about 25 to 30 minutes for my toons. Most of that is waiting for NPCs to finish blabbing or waiting for a drake to fly somewhere.

I tried sharing lock outs between toons, but couldn’t do it on heroic (from what I’ve read, you can’t share a heroic lock). So I accepted that I’d be spending a lot of time each week running DS (H).

That is, until Life-Binder’s Handmaiden landed in my bags last week. Very pleasant surprise. Now, one Alli and one Horde clear through Hagara on normal. They then share the lock out with the other toons, allowing all other toons to skip to Ultraxion. This will cut the DS run times in half-ish.

I can’t believe I’m mount chasing. I need to dive into the Argent Tournament too. Lots of mounts there.

I’m finishing up a couple of the meta raid achievements too. I won’t have the 250 mount achievement before Legion. However, I will have it sometime in Legion.

2 thoughts on “Farming DS mounts just got easier.

  1. Mount hunting needs a bit of obsession, no? However, once done is done!
    How about …
    #showtooltip Big Love Rocket
    /use Everlasting Alliance Firework
    /use Pretty Draenor Pearl
    /use Bubble Wand
    /use Big Love Rocket

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