HFC Diabeetus Mode

It’s a bad joke. I make bad jokes. I like bad jokes. Deal with it.

Team Pastry (Team Cupcake, as I prefer to call us) stormed the lower Citadel on heroic mode last night. Since Wednesday nights are our short night (work/school schedules and whatnot), it was decided that we are not going to start Wednesday nights with a normal Mannoroth and Archimonde kill. We’re going to just dive into our progression groups and save Manny/Archie for Saturday nights when we have more time.


In less than 2 hours, all 6 of the lower Citadel bosses died to diabeetus.

As an aside, ever since I heard about #friendshipmoose, I’ve had iLevel 710 stuck in my head as a magic number to indicate some sort of mystical arrival of greatness. I’ve been tracking my progress towards that number. On a bonus roll for Gorefiend, I wound up with the heroic tier pants. I have officially achieved iLevel 710 in my healing gear. I feel as if I should be hearing a fanfare of music in my head. Now, rather than worrying about hopping on the #friendshipmoose bandwagon, I’m seeing our guild as being a source of moose runs for others. I am very excited.

2 thoughts on “HFC Diabeetus Mode

  1. Yeah, the heroic version of the mechanics are a bit harsher. I’ve been reading up on the Mythic mechanics. it’s almost like you need an add-on to help prioritize the adds.

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