More Winning

I’m not sure why I’m channeling Charlie Sheen this much. However, I am. Fortunately, the channel was only 2 words long. So we’re good.

The Cupcakes spent all of Saturday’s raid time slamming our head against Xhul’horac. Three! Hours! Of! Wipes! We kept at it. Each time, we figured out a way to handle another mechanic a little better. Once we had a good handle on dealing with the green/purple poop on the ground, we really started progressing on him. Two pulls before the last pull of the night, we got him down to 4%. We were ecstatic. The next to last pull, we completely brain-farted. We almost didn’t give it the last go. We were tired. We were so happy to see it pay off. I lucked out with /roll of 99 on the tier shoulders. So not only am I rocking a 4 piece tier bonus + class trinket, I’m also rocking 2 heroic tier pieces. SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!

On top of the raiding success, this past week was quite eventful on the collecting front. I knocked out several more mounts. 

I had a toon that was really close to 1000 saberclaws, so I did a little farming with a group and bought the Wild Goretusk. I discovered the Savage Cub is a cage-able pet. Which means I was able to buy it off the auction house, rather than farming claws for it.

The Experiment 12B was an epic surprise. It’s going to make my farming for the Blazing Drake an amazingly short chore. Only one Alliance and one Horde toon need to clear up through Spine of Deathwing (25-ish minutes per faction). At that point, it’s simply a matter of sharing the lockout with the rest of the dirty dozen. I’ll spend more time getting those other toons to Dragon Soul than actually in Dragon Soul with them (perhaps my last job for the night on Sunday or Monday will be parking my toons at the gates of DS). I’m really looking forward to NEVER setting foot in Dragon Soul again (unless I’m farming mogs, or sending my Horde rogue for his daggers).

I finished up the remaining achievements for a couple metas with mounts. In probably another month or so, I’ll have metas (and the mounts) for: Cata Dungeons, Ulduar (10 and 25), ICC (25), Cata Raids, and Firelands.

Once those are knocked out, I’m either going to binge on PVP (for the pvp mounts) or binge on Trial of the Crusader (for the mounts/tabards/pets).

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