Blizzard, the Master of Baiting

The servant waits, while the master baits.

For what ever reason, my brain read the WoWhead tweet as a form of baiting. Comment-baiting, if that’s even a thing (along the lines of click-bait). Anytime the concept of “baiting” is mentioned, my brain immediately goes to Madeline Kahn’s line in The History of the World: Part 1.

Will I be running the Hummel runs on EVERY max level toon I have? Yes.

Everyday? No, just the days I log in and only for as long as I have time to do so.

Will I get the mount? Who the hell knows.

Will I ever mount that prodigious-pink-powered-phallic? NOPE! The only things that abomination have going for it are the zhevra skin seat back and the fact that it’s a mount that counts towards your mount collecting achievements. I think “ugly as sin” is the only PG description I can give that thing.

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