Buffing out the rust.

Over the weekend, I decided to try a pug group for upper HFC (N). Even though the guild is progressing Heroic, I wanted to make sure that I keep my normal boss skills up. It was a decent group (a raiding guild on another server doing an alt run). They knew what they were doing. The pulls weren’t flawless, but they recovered quickly. You could tell which dpsers were on their mains and that at least one of the tanks was an alt. With the exception of Archie, there were no wipes. On Archie, we had the wrath of RNGeezus raining down on us for 2 pulls (pillars appearing in the absolute worst spots, and the doomfire fixates hitting the people that had the farthest to run to get it out of the group). Still, we downed him on the third go.

I am glad that I ran the pug group, because Team Cupcake ran normal Manny and Archie before attempting Xhul (H). We got both down, though Manny wasn’t as clean as it should have been. We then went on to knock out Xhul (H) and made a couple of attempts on Soc (H) before calling it a night.

I think the Cupcakes will be able to make it to a Heroic Archie take down for the mount. We’re definitely several weeks away from it, but it will happen. Team Cookie, on the other hand, is much closer to the accomplishment. While I’d like the moose now, I’m not even considering paying for a heroic run. My guild will do it. We’ll also help others do it too.

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