Different kind of pug action.

I decided that I’d get enough tokens on a toon to get the Manufactured Love Prism to try for the achievement. I figured I’d farm on my second account for one too. Then we’d hide in RFC while the 2 accounts zapped each other into the achievement  (and toy).

After farming for one, I decided I didn’t want to do it again. So I tried the LFG tool for a group. Landed in one quickly and people were dinging achievements left and right. Group leader was moving the raid marker as soon as someone dinged. Flawless. The the group kept getting smaller. Oops, the LFG had died.  Kick it back on and it’s flowing smoothly again. A bunch of folks even hung around after dinging and using the 5 minute CD toy to help out. I hung out for an hour helping. There was one person who was there when I started and was still helping out when I had to bail.

It was refreshing to see folks helping out for no reason other than to help out.

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