Uldum Instances, DONE!

I’m not sure what to make of this. Other than to say that I’m lucky (or perhaps just plain stubborn).

Both the Drake of the North Wind (mount from the Vortex Pinnacle dungeon) and the Drake of the South Wind (mount from the Throne of the Four Winds raid) dropped for me in this week’s lockout.

How do I manage this kind of luck? It’s simple. I pick one raid and one dungeon as the instances of the week. I then send my mountain of alts at them all week. Unless there’s specifically a Heroic requirement for the instance, I’ll throw a toon at the Heroic and a couple attempts at the Normal version of dungeons. With raids, I run normal only (unless there’s a Heroic requirement, or I’m mog-farming the Heroic gear). That’s it. Any/All alts that can run the instances will run the instances. If I have some extra time over the course of the week, I’ll toss in another couple of instances. However, my focus is ever on the 1 raid and the 1 dungeon for the whole week.

I think there’s a psychological disorder name for how I handle mount farming.

Regardless, I enjoy my meandering time in WoW.

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