I said I wasn’t going to pay for a carry. Then I saw a group selling runs at a price I couldn’t pass up. SOLD!

So there it is. I have my moose. I have my Ahead of the Curve. I have my Heroic Edict of Argus (from personal loot).

I know the fight. For a carry, I was decently holding my own. No one died. I can’t wait for this fight with the guild.

Oh yeah, did I mention…I GOT MY MOOSE!

4 thoughts on “AOTC

  1. @Marathal_2_0

    First. Congrats on Moose and gear drop.

    I was in a similar situation I was going to wait for the guild. But I saw someone advertising runs for 20,000. And that was just to good of a deal to pass on. So I too got my moose. But also 2 pieces of gear. RNG was good to me. So now I’m helping the guild with knowledge that I can do the fight. And slightly better gear.

    1. …and 20K? That’s even better than the deal I had. 25K.

      It’s funny. Last X-pack, I would never have dreamed of tossing out 25K on anything. This expansion, I’ve bought 2 100+K mounts (yak and treadblade), and picked up a ton of mounts ranging anywhere up to 45K too. This has been the xpack of handing money out hand over fist.

  2. Grats on AotC!
    It’s been a crazy gold expansion. I, too, have bought things I never imagined. It’s great.
    I’ve wondered at the motive, at first I thought it must be to defeat the gold farmers but then that WoW token came out.

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